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  • Re: Considering leaving the Military.

    grYmes wrote: »
    I’m in Virginia Beach right now. I just moved back here after being in New Orleans for three years. I didn’t know what the fuck FTS was when I joined. Not until I was picking orders at A School and I couldn’t go to an active command.

    Bruh I loved FTS. Outside of being stuck stateside. You get stationed in usually big to mid sized cities at some chill ass spots.

    Had a friend that was stationed in St. Louis with a seal team. Didnt even know it was a seal team in St. Louis. She said it was random ass hell but she loved it. My homie that did 20 was stationed in J-ville, ATL, Houston, B-Ham, and Detroit. Bruh outside of B-ham and Detroit those was some GOAT spots.
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  • Re: The Travel Thread

    i was just invited to cali colombia .....
    anyone been?

    Nope but I just watched a youtube vid of some black dude that spent some time down there.

    Well it was Medellin, Colombia.

    But here is a walk through the center of Cali.

    Alot of Dark skinned people in the vid.
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    Finish in a unofficial 1hour 30 minutes. I say unofficial cause my clock said 1:21:31
  • Re: Considering leaving the Military.

    grYmes wrote: »
    grYmes wrote: »
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    5 Grand wrote: »
    Serious question;

    What is your rank?

    I've heard that it takes approximately 20 years to make it to Captain, and another 20 years to make it to General.

    How old are you? Have you been promoted? Realistically if you stick around for another 9 years what do you think your rank will be?

    Lol naw 5-7 years to get CPT, enlisted and commissioned are different. Based on the fact he even made this thread means he's enlisted.

    Whats the difference between enlisted and commissioned?

    Enlisted are privates, specialist, corporal, sergeants & Sergeant major.

    Commissioned are lieutenants, captains, majors & generals and shit.

    Commissioned calls the plays. Enlisted carries them out.


    T/S still didn't tell us his rank.

    That makes all the difference. If you're still a private get out. But if you're a sergeant you could stay for another 10 years and maybe get promoted to Captain.

    Captain looks really good on your resume.

    U don't know what your talking about, just stop

    I know I don't know what I'm talking about.

    What is the T/S rank?

    You an awkward muthfucka you know that?

    I’m an E-5. Could be an E-6 by the end of the year. If I stay in realistically I could be an E-7 at 20.

    no diss but SMH @ u being an E-5 in the Army after 11yrs

    how u figure u can make E-6 within 7mos unless u plan on re-enlisting? u got to have at least 2 yrs left in order to get promoted to E-6 (unless shit has changed)

    besides if u only a SGT after 11yrs then that tells me u ain't doing so good as far as being a Soldier(ie. u fat/injured/got an Art.15).......after all the deployments lately there is no excuse to be less than an E-6(p) by 10yrs in

    u need to get tf out and at least finish school..........then if u don't like civvie life while in school u will at least have an opportunity to come back in as an officer as long as u are still under the age limit

    do another 9 yrs as O1 thru O3 with enlisted bonus pay is way more beneficial than being an NCO struggling to not get QMPed

    how did u end up with 11yrs in and only made it to SGT?

    but then again the Army thrives on mofos being comfortable and not really having ambition

    I’m in the Navy. I never said I was in the Army. I don’t know how muthafuckas got it twisted like that. Y’all niggas assume too much.

    Navy advancement especially in my rate is difficult as fuck once you get past E-5. I took my exam a month ago and find out the results next month. Even still advancing isn’t even the issue.

    Fuck I look like E-5 at 11 in the Army. Granted in the long run y’all advancement is better than the Navy. Those exams mixed in with the eval system fucks a lot of good sailors out of making rank past a certain level.

    bet.....I read the thread and assumed u were Army

    none of ur previous posts mentioned a "rate" and u gave ur rank as an enlisted paygrade

    so yeah it was easy to assume Army especially considering ur worries about Trump as a CIC

    and it's funny cuz I still couldn't imagine being just an E5 in any other service when there are mofos who are E7s and E8s in the Army with 11 yrs in

    that's a big difference in pay to give up just to be something other than a soldier[\b]

    Yea they don’t tell you that shit when you join at all. With so many people willing to join Navy over Army (probably because of the notion that it’s “safer”) they make it difficult as hell to advance. Especially with me technically being active-reserve (not as many personnel as regular active duty).

    Oh you FTS too? Where are stationed bruh. I was FTS for years. ATL and Augusta.
    grYmes313 wayz