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  • Re: The 2017 MLB Thread

    he ended up falling one game short

    a lot of people talk about trout being wasted but votto isnt far behind and hes like eight years older

    37 career postseason plate appearances


    thing is he has said repeatedly that he doesnt want to be traded (he has a no trade clause)

    wants to finish his career in cincy
  • Re: The 2017 MLB Thread

    hell of a stretch for rodon

    getting through 7 strong against the dodgers without a feel for his slider is the most impressive

    9 starts and 8 are vs potential playoff teams

    good practice for the 2020 world series run
  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    ckfree wrote: »
    last year we had


    both on the west

    nobody saw them games except west coast folks and the unemployed

    at least this year i can watch


    at decent times

    if anything it adds juice to this season

    definitely felt like this college season was gonna be a drag and it still might be

    what really matters here is the bulls doing their damn job and losing games to get one of them boys in the top 3

    bulls miss on the top 3-4 and end up with miles bridges im flipping furniture

    Porter, Bamba, and this 6'4 Combo PG/SG McDonald's All-American Freshman, I can't remember his name right now

    But he goin to Alabama to hoop 4 Avery " Pass David/ Tim the ball" Johnson

    i havent seen



    play enough to have a true opinion

    just need one of them in a bulls uni

    i will do my research on them during the college season

    dont care enough right now
  • Re: First Look At Pennywise From Stephen King's It Revealed

    a new shot or two here

    with this movie being rated r i cant help but wonder just how bad is georgie about to get murdered

    will they cut away on a scream

    will they have some element of gore

    i suspect its going to be bad

    gotta set the tone

    im not sure if this is a spoiler but i'll put it just in case

    its about something that happens in the book that could possibly be made into a scene
    there a scene in the book where pennywise shoves a toddlers head into a toilet and laughs maniacally while drowning them — that scene could really bring home how truly awful IT is but i would bet every last packet of top ramen seasoning i got saved up they wont go there because complaining about everything is this generations form of revolution

    this is a rumor i heard about the movie
    georgie is missing rather than dead

    now its still possible they show him get ripped up AND pulled into the sewer drains

    where we the audience will know hes dead

    but the townspeople wont have a body to confirm so hes classified as missing

    i dont know though
    Sioniron man1
  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    one national tv game


    no more cheapseats?!?!?

    bulls get to be trash in peace
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