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Repping East London’s Slew Dem Crew, Grime Mastermind MC Kraze is one fiery orator. Taking to the mic with a furious vengeance, this is an MC on the move, a man with a plan and a clear vision for the future. The “Fire and Brimstone” EP is a call to arms, a statement of intent and the launching of a bold new vision in grime. Kaleidoscopic bass and endless swagger characterize the “Fire and Brimstone” EP. Featuring additional vocal support from MCs Scruffizer and RAGE, “Fire and Brimstone” sees Kraze trading verses with true Grime talent. A larger than life personality with a deeply emotive and visceral vocal delivery style, Kraze knows his way around the microphone. A rough edged comedian and street poet, Kraze brings color to his reflections of urban life. Elevating bass music and creating the next coming of the Grime Wave, MC Krave and the Slew Dem Crew are not playing around. The “Fire and Brimstone” EP is a fast paced and frenetic thrill ride. This is not easy listening but it wil


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    K. Bishop is an inspired young artist who uses the aesthetic of hip hop to explore culture in radical and invigorating new ways. This is not block hopping drug music but instead aims to create a more intellectually and spiritually stimulating form of urban music. Not to say this is not without the gritty realism that has characterized some of the finest rap music including K. Bishop’s beloved Stillmatic LP by Nas. This is a balanced and nutritious meal, something that will leave you feeling more hopeful and uplifted before you started listening. For those who gravitate towards the more conscious, philosophical and social justice minded rap music, K. Bishop's “Freedom” EP represents a point of solidarity and promise amongst a sea of pretenders and false street prophets.

    Hailing from Princes Town in Trinidad and Tobago, K. Bishop has witnessed first hand the effects of poverty, inequality and suffering. Inspired by the tragic death of one of his childhood friends at a Mosque in 2015, Bishop launched himself into action, dedicating his life to spreading messages of positivity and resilience. Realizing the immense transformative power of music, K. Bishop chose the medium as a means to reach out to young people. Incontinent to sit back and allow his community to be negatively impacted by self engendered, systemic or structural violence, the “Freedom” EP explores diverse themes related to the modern narrative affecting so many young people.

    This is music meant to bring communities together, a bridge rather than a wall, a connection and an opportunity to generate dialogues and action which can cultivate and sustain peace. Including the tracks: “Shackles and Chains”, “Lately”, “Freedom”, “Come For You”, “Hate”, “Right My Wrongs” and “Lonely Road”, the “Freedom” EP is a truly mind expanding record that covers a truly expansive and fertile emotional landscape. The independent and self released “Freedom” EP contains music with tremendous crossover appeal that will work with many audiences around the world.

    As a young person with a positive and uplifting message, this is music that should be spread to all corners of the globe where its messages may plant seeds of hope in the community. K.Bishop is a true innovator and the “Freedom” EP is a powerful statement which reminds international audiences why hip hop is a vital modern expressive art. Invigorate your mind and recharge your spirit, get down with K. Bishop’s new EP, “Freedom”!

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    Kadi Cashes in on New Paper Chasing Anthem “Money”

    Rapper, poet, entrepreneur and first lady of style, Kadi, knows a thing or two about the hustle. Not one to sit back and watch life, this active and motivated queen has set her sights set on the world stage and new single “Money” has just the right stuff to get her there. Bubbling up heavy with an electronic leaning trapped out, grimy hip hop sound, “Money” is a cashstacking anthem for anyone who appreciates the effort and skill that goes into the grind to get ahead. Hi Hats snap as the bass heavy beat percolates, Kadi completely owning the chorus:“Pound, Dollar, Euro, Yeah, You’ll Get Your Money Ya, You’ll Get Your Money Right!” This is fun and energetic hip hop with some sexy RnB, Grime and Trap influenced elements as well. Anyone who appreciates the hustle will enjoy leaning and rocking low with Kadi’s new single “Money”!

    Released on North of South Records, new single “Money” is an infectious and bumping track with tons of swagger that will work well on urban and electronic leaning dancefloors, radio stations and festival stages. It’s very current take on hip hop adds decidedly UK flavor to an international mix. Kadi hails from Birmingham where she has established herself as a vibrant and motivated creative dedicated to doing what it takes to get ahead and get her money right. This young lioness not only holds advanced degrees, she has run poetry nights, fulfilled modeling jobs and looks forward to performing past single “Game Changer” featuring Twisted Rev along with “Money” live any chance she gets.

    Kadi believes in working hard to get ahead and video treatment for “Money” shows it. Watch this stunning young performer work her way to the top in this slick and memorable movie. Check out the video, now live on YouTube to see Kadi’s moves, style and grace. Kadi’s “Money” single sees worldwide release on July 27th. Be sure to check this bumping track out and make sure you come out to the dance next time you see Kadi performing live near you!
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    A ferocious amalgamation of hard rock’s screaming guitars and thunderous drums, trap’s side swinging electronic synthz and night bass, Barraka’s new single “Boom Trap” is an electrifying ride. Arriving off the self released "Boom Trap” album, produced by one of the UK True Hip Hop Don’s DJ Downlow and featuring France's heavyweight Zediyah ; “Boom Trap” is a huge statement and a call to arms. This is the kind of song that will get you energized and ready to take on whatever nightlife can throw at you!

    Driving, tense and booming, Barraka is an artist that knows how to make intense music for people who like to live on the edge. Not for the meek, this is a big, huge stadium size sound that combines the best of rock with the best of urban music all packaged with taut British lyrical delivery. With a huge international sound that will appeal to many who appreciate their music to be loud and intense, with heavy bass and sharp rapped lyrics. For anyone who loves rock and hip hop, the “Boom Trap” single from the "Boom Trap” album is the perfect jump off!

    Barraka is an artist on the rise and “Boom Trap”, the 3rd single of the new self titled album makes a powerful statement. Filmed and directed by Chiba Visuals, the “Boom Trap” single has an exhilarating music video which is the perfect accompaniment to the track. Capturing the raw intensity of boom trap’s combination of hip hop & rock and roll, the video is a nonstop thrill ride and is the perfect way to be brought into Barraka’s unique creative landscape. All fans of hard and heavy music will want to check out Barraka’s new “Boom Trap” single to get acquainted. Additionally, Barraka will be on tour in support of his new self titled “Boom Trap” album, he’ll also be on tour with his new band featured in the video as well, so be sure to check them out when they come to a city near you!
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