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  • Re: Rick Ross - Teflon Don review by KillaCham.

    KillaCham. wrote: »
    There's no problem with features on an album, but Ross hasn't proved he can hold an album together without the all-star line-up behind him. Would people really be as interested in Free Mason if Jay-Z weren't on it? Etc...

    He may not necessarily NEED all the features...but how would we know? The features add more flavor to the album then Ross does. Erykah Badu, Jay, Chrisette, Cee-Lo, etc. If you played every Ross verse acapella, aside from a few, you wouldn't be able to tell which song they're from (without previously hearing the album, of course).

    His charisma, beats, and features are what makes the album listenable. His lyrics/flow were repetitive as fuck. Every time he begins another verse the album becomes more and more stale. He shows NO diversity. The evolution?? Where is it?

    Yeah, a lot of the songs are bangers...but we're looking at the bigger picture here - the entire album - and the album as a whole is soooo monotonoouuusss. I don't necessarily like Young Jeezy, yet I can rock with Lose My Mind...but if he put out an entire album of Lose My Mind-esque songs, i'd be wack. It's possible to have an entire album contain the same feel, the same theme, blah blah blah, without it coming off monotonous.

    Ross not only contradicts himself on this album like he's done in the past, but he didn't leave a lasting impression on me either. I don't just listen to music for a good beat. I'd download instrumental albums if that were the case. And I have an open mind when listening to everything...and I didn't get much anything from listening to this alb3rm.

    Yea i can agree with this, solid opinion backed up by some strong points.....i don't have anything against Ross besides the fact that he's pedaling a blatantly fake lifestyle to our youth who gobble that shit up like pornostars deepthroating dicks. I don't monetarily support his music because I feel like i'm getting the same thing on very track: coke music, gunplay/mob tracks, or introspective looks at more cokeplay and mob/gunplay tactics. PRoduction is a very minor part of an album to me, and guest features an even more minor part. If i wanted to hear dope beats and a shitload of guest apperances all day, i'd grab a Gangsta Grillz or a DJ Khaled CD ya dig?