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  • Re: Is King Combs the Future of Hip Hop?

    Sion wrote: »
    He'll have a place in music and entertainment because of who his father is and because this is the era of social Media where as long as you have a persona you can make something out of yourself. Niggas ain't buying into Cardi B because she's got great music more than they're interested in her personal life.

    I hope he wins :+1:

    Cardi B bout to be the 1st female rapper to be at da number 1 spot in 20 yrs on the charts since Lauren Hill bodak yellow doing numbers and she bout to knock taylor swift off the top spot. Research it

    Shit taste confirmed
  • Re: How the hell akademiks get rich and famous off the IC?

    He got lucky
    Go figureOlorun22
  • Re: Which rappers is the G.O.A.T (Grimiest Of All Time)

    By grimey do you mean wicked?
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  • Re: Dope MC or Wack Rapper part 20 Lil Wayne

    Dudes been wack longer than he's been dope so I voted wack.
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  • Re: Rapper Ranking Project: Rapper #5 - Eminem

    Oh boy lets get into this

    Lyrics(3)-Its all over the place with Em. Sometimes he raps about hating his mom other times he makes bullshit like FACK. I'll give him a 3

    Delivery(3)-Actually pretty good but I got to give him a 3 since he copied his flow from Masta Ace. Plus his new flow is really wack. It's just him rapping really fast and saying as many words as possible(kinda like Twisted Insane but not nearly as good).

    Language(1)- Black people ain't fuckin with his music. We don't understand him.

    Storytelling(4)- I'll give a 4 for this one on the strength of his songs under his Slim Shady alter ego. KIM is also a good story telling song even if its kinda fucked up.

    Catalog(2)-How yall hate on Insane Clown Posse but praise Em is beyond me? He was decent on his first 3 albums and has been hot garbage since. The MMLP is easily the most overrated rap album of all time.

    Subject Matter(2)-When he's not making corny hit singles like my name is or Without me, He makes Corny emotional songs like not afraid. Only a handfull of his songs stand the test the time which is why he does not a classic album.

    Creativity(1)- Since you can't give him a 0 I'll give him the absolute lowest score of 1. This dude is the Elvis Presley of hiphop, He copied Masta Ace's flow to an exact T on his first 3 albums, He got multiply personalities from Redman and the Slim Shady alter ego is just a 3rd rate version of Esham.

    Collaboration(3)- For the most part decent. His recent collabos have been pretty subpar minus speedom with Tech N9ne. And yes Jigga warriors he killed Jay-z on Renegade

    Impact(1)-He made a big splash when he first came out but years removed from the hype his music just doesn't do it anymore.

    Overall Score:20
    Once you get pass the fact he's white there really isn't much else to him. He was a mediocre rapper that got popular because he was signed by Dr.Dre. Nothing in his catalog stands the test of time and is worth listening to minus the SSLP(and I skip My name is I everytime I listen to it).

    And BTW no he did not kill ICP's career. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers came out in 1999 and till this day it is still their highest selling album to day.
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