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  • Re: The Truth About HUMMINGBIRD

    false - one was a police officer

    false - i did not meet him on the ic, and i did not give nor contract herpes from him. Never had nothing my whole sexual life

    true - but I still wear six inch pumps/stilletos

    true - im sure someone will repost them at some point :shrug

    true - why you think i dont have face pics up? duhhhhhh

    false - i have a wonderful personality
    LUClENShottaDaBeastYoung Stef
  • Re: How many of you lazy hoes know how to make a plate for your man

    this aint even about cooking.

    It doesnt matter who cooked. We talking about who puts the food on the plate and hands it to your man.

    This thread done got me heated today damn it
  • Re: How many of you lazy hoes know how to make a plate for your man

    bird anymore updates coming to the ic?

    or is this the finished product
    more to come
    LOL that was my next question

    Would ya'll be cool with another woman fixing your man a plate if you don't feel like it?

    hell naw I aint cool with that shit. Even if I didnt feel like fixin his plate I would get my ass up and do it and not say shit about it. A few weeks ago we had a little dinner with some friends and this one chick asked a few of the guys was they ready to eat and she would fix the plates. I politely told her you fix whoever else plate you want to but dont fix Chaze a plate cause I got that. She was all no its okay I'll fix his plate to. Before I knew it I had done snapped out on her and called her all kinds of bitches and other shit. *Sh* My homegirl had to calm me down. *sh* thats why I dont like new bitches coming around because they act like they dont got good sense.
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