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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    5th Letter wrote: »
    Maywood wrote: »
    Mannnnn Nobody wanna see them Outdated matchups...Foh

    I'd rather see Mook vs Hollow than JC vs Lux and thankfully that talk is now dead. Shout outs to Illmac, T Top, and Twork.

    JC actually gonna battle Lux next. He said it after he lost to Twork.
    stringer bellThe RecipeMaywood
  • Re: The Official Hip Hop Podcasts & Interviews Thread

    Ronin705 wrote: »
    Ronin705 wrote: »
    gemini86 wrote: »
    @gemini86 would you ever ask the IC general questions we want to ask Joe Budden that you could conveniently bring up on Everyday Struggle.

    like what
    I dunno bro Joey just seems to honestly contradict himself and I likeyo just see you check him. Just his aggressive passiveness is corny to me.

    Like why he didnt say Wales rap was wack at Everyday Struggle, Wale aint say shit.

    He only picks on you because he thinks you’re cornier than him or to better word it “an easy target”

    He always mentions white rappers negatively yet kisses Eminems ass.

    He said he deserved to be punched by Raekwon then why would you want to even square up with him in a boxing ring.

    How does he feel about King Los, Joyner Lucas, Jon Conor, XV, Elzhi, and other consistent rappers with little hype behind them.

    Why cant he just admit the game is kinda rigged to who likes you and its not always the rappers fault.

    How does he feel about Red Cafe and what went wrong with him?

    Was Camron legacy gassed due to social media memories and tge last great hip hop movement on the east coast/NY being dipset?

    Was Juelz Santana at one point Cams equal in dipset around 2005.

    Thats all I could think of.

    - Em (a proven vet) is on a different level than every single white rapper out currently. -1 you

    - you don't have pride as a man?? I guess posting tough on Internet kinda solves that already. -1 you

    - Joyner Lucas was just on the show. The duck else you want him to do?? It's a TV show so you need the balance of pop and grit. -1 you

    - All he's done is try in his way to "kick knowledge" to the younger generation to be sure they don't tet rail roaded down the road. That shows he already knows the games rigged. -1 to you

    ... Cmon if you wanna debate, at least bring valid points to the table

    When I posted this Joyner wasnt on the show yet. Thanks for playing.

    I won so I don't mind

    An online cookie, yw.
  • Re: The Reason Hip Hop Pics / Gifs / Memes

  • Re: Murda Ma$e is back... Again 'When NY Was NY'

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    I still stand behind my statement

    Guys like you and skpr stayed consistent. Im trying to see if anyone else flip flopped though yaddamean.
    T. Sanfordskpjr78
  • Re: Ma$e - The Oracle (Cam’ron Diss), Cam'ron responds with Dinner Time

    I think Ma$e dropped a track like a year ahalf ago and everyone om here was like”sounds like Murda Ma$e is back”, and he didnt make noise again until this past weekend. I mean I think hardcore fans always knew what Ma$e was capable of non commercial wise.

    Found it
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