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    Stew wrote: »
    Nigga typed a whole paragraph :joy:

    but you took a pic to show me that you fuck with black people. ok. wheres that oj gif at?
  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    these hotep niggaZ kill me. bet money them niggaZ gettin mad at tommy for yelling in front of a woman probably have like six different babies mothers. smmfh.
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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Trillfate wrote: »
    ineedpussy wrote: »
    shannon been a real one and after watching ballers the other day i can tell he is a "company" man. and thats just a show. i guess life really does imitate art.

    @ineedpussy what he do on ballers?

    he was telling spence he couldnt fuck with him cause he was making "waves" trying to move the raiders to las vegas. he should just be low. basically telling that nigga to stay in his place @Trillfate
  • Re: White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville

    5th Letter wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Ain't nobody believing in the system.

    It about getting ppl in the right place to make the system work for us.

    If youre hungry, idle hands ain't gon make dinner.


    one day u go realize THE BIRD is the problem and NEEDS TO DIE..

    this system wasn't built by us or with us in mind..
    in fact think of the matrix the system is the machine and yo black ass is what powers it..

    this system needs to fail instead of being propped up for another hundred years and when the next one is built we need to be in position to where we have input into how..

    least thats how I see it..
    same logic applies to stock.. best time to buy is in a crash.. let this muthafucka crash so we can gain footing..

    You seem authentic on this board, so I pay attention to your views on situations and see your side of things

    So we should just chill and not do anything and live the status quo?

    not saying do nothin..
    but whatever u do u have to do it outside and under the radar..

    to give u an analogy..
    look at Sharks.. great whites when they young they stay near the coastline cause the bigger sharks feed on them..

    we are in our infancy stage and trying to battle niggas in the deep..

    u can have a nation within a nation..
    we here.. we aint going nowhere so we need to quit focusing on those who don't like us and focus on us..
    build our own infrastructure and quietly grow to where when we do go in deep they won't be so quick to bite cause we can bite back...

    niggas go come in here and say "we did that already with black Wall Street" well.. we need to learn from them and start our own militia.. I mean I can go on and on but I aint trying to type much I got too much shit going on this morning.. but I know its possible cause I do it on a much smaller scale with myself..

    And it starts with having a CODE, we ain't gonna have economic power without it. That means getting on the same page and not getting distracted by bullshit.

    and thats what we lost....was a CODE. remember when saying nigga was sort of an inside joke. we said it amongst ourselves but if whites were around we silenced that shit. now we got white boys calling niggaZ niggaZ thinking its a form of endearment or that word dont mean the same thang that it used to. bullshit. we need to focus on us before we can do anything else. and why we got to march. racism didnt start with us so it has to end with them. where are them good white folks to tell family and friends that this shit aint cool no more or we aint gone fuck with you cause yous a racist son of a bitch. they rather let somebody else do the work instead of going to the source......which is their kind.
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    NBA LIVE 18

    atleast they got your cross eyes right. does this player workout by climbing hand first down steps too?
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