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  • Re: New Orleans takes down white supremacist monument…

    but what does taking down this monument do for black people per se? nothing. they did this in my city and im like why are you niggaZ arguing over a god damn statue? it aint like racism, discrimination, etc. is going to change for us. smmfh
  • Re: would mlk jr. been better served if he would of had blacks....

    babelipsss wrote: »
    SMH at romanticizing segregation. Do some of y'all not have grandparents or great grandparents that you talk to? Ask any elder black person in their 70's what segregation was really like. Ask them if they want it back.

    but they didn't try to better themselves. the looked through life with a white lense. no a black. if they thought they could achieve without living and being employed by whites then they would of been great. but sadly a lot of black people cant see beyond their nose.
  • Re: would mlk jr. been better served if he would of had blacks....

    jono wrote: »
    This is a tired debate.
    Segregation can never, did never and will never work.

    This shit is fantasy drummed up by ignorant mufuckas who weren't born at the time and didn't have to live in that world.

    If you can't see the inherent idiocy of being pro-segregation you lost to the world.

    so what about those european countries where no blacks live? or what about states like north/south dakota where no niggaZ live? so youre telling me segregation doesnt work? you.
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  • Re: would mlk jr. been better served if he would of had blacks....

    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    We know that our attempts were met with violence and destruction. This should be an indicator that it was working and still will work. Blacks are afraid whites will react as they have in the past so, many are against it.

    Separate but equal doesn't mean we have to seclude ourselves or exclude others. It actually means that when we interact with other cultures whether it be for business or pleasure they are getting our true selves and culture. I live in predominately Black part of town where I do the majority of my business but I certainly venture out to intermingle. I don't get where some of yall are coming from with this bullshit notion that we have to give up being self-sufficient for the sake of diversity and opportunity to experience other races.

    this. yall can still smooze with your favorite hunkies. we just need our own shit. businesses, schools, hospitals,etc. if you want to go to the white part of want to be a hunkie but we should of fought for separate but equal so we as a people could do better. i think niggaZ would of been so far along by now. smmfh at niggaZ wanting massa to be an integral part of their life. smmfh.
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  • Re: Today was live bee day at work FAM

    im black. thats a dangerous enough of a job for me. stressful, low pay, and i didnt even get the "perks" that black men are suppose to have. fml
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