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  • Re: How long do you have to recieve oral before you pay back the favor?

    MsSouthern wrote: »
    The tit for tat thing is silly

    I like giving head

    I'd rather be fed real good anyways

    fixed for you my caucasian queen

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    yall niggaZ is obligated

    Sion wrote: »
    Had to pay homage.... Illmatic (hoodie custom made from my own line)


    this nigga got an oblong head. how the fuck you get bitches? no disrespect...but if you can get hoes i definitely should get hoes. unless you have money than thats a different story
  • Re: when is it cool to grill.....

    Mastery wrote: »

    Ok thread starter, according to bbq etiquette, this site says nothing about not grilling in the front yard. So this should put to rest any dilemma you have concerning this, right?

    The dress code is most often casual

    It is proper to bring something for the host

    It is proper to arrive on time (never early / a little late is acceptable)

    Do not offer to grill the food unless asked

    Do not provide advice on how to grill the best hamburger unless asked

    As a host the BBQ grill, patio or garden area should be clean before guests arrive

    Do not bring extra guests unless the invitation stipulated you could or you informed the host

    Do not drink too much

    Do not serve yourself 3 hamburgers before everyone was first served

    Serve yourself accordingly

    Do not make jokes in bad taste or talk about controversial topics (it’s a BBQ and people want to have fun)

    Be friendly and talk to everyone, no hiding in a corner

    It is proper to offer help to clean up

    The music should not be too loud, so people can converse and neighbors are not annoyed

    There is no obligation to invite neighbors

    It is proper to eat your hamburgers and hot dogs with your hand, however, make sure to not over fill the bread with condiments and veggies it will get messy

    Have a napkin on hand for any accidents

    As a host it is considerate to have a vegetarian option for guests that do not eat meat

    As a guest do not complain about the food or that you wish they served other foods

    Do not forget to smile and enjoy yourself, talking and mingling with friends and new acquaintances

    Do not overstay and do not forget to say thank you to the host


    @bolded aka the back yard. smmfh at niggaZ not reading. stick with weights nigga....reading aint your strong suit
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    MsSouthern wrote: »
    ineedpussy wrote: »
    MsSouthern wrote: »
    @ineedpussy lives with his mom

    He doesn't even have his own yard to grill in so I see why this is all forgien to him

    yeah it might not be my house but i promise that my moms yard is bigger than yours and that youve lived in an apartment atleast once in your life but as for a person such as myself never.

    Oh so we are comparing property owed by family members and not our own right

    Just stop now ..... you'll never win this one

    bitch im gone inherit that shit in the will so actually its mine.