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  • Re: DL Hughley on Hair Store Headlock-Other Races Mistreat Black Women Because Of How Black Men Treat Em

    but we still frequent that shit. we have all the blame. when niggaZ set up shop in the hood we bitch, complain, get bad service, steal from them, etc. it is what it is. if the bitch was stealing then she got what she deserved. if she wasnt then she nigga to own that chink shop
  • Re: Burning Sands - Netflix (film based on black frat pledging)

    they gone show the faggotry that these niggaZ do? and real talk with all the shit that they was doing to them niggaZ just so they can say they are such and such is fucked up. i aint a killer but i promise you once dude spit in my face i would of left came back with two guns and shot everybody in that fraternity. and im still trying to figure out why these "boule" niggaZ aint change it from greek to african yet. stockholm disease is real
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  • Re: now this is an epic brake check

    AP21 wrote: »
    smh at all of you condoning brake checking

    get over

    i bet ya'll dont even practice the zipper merge method do you? DO YOU?!?!?

    you dont...i already know

    Yoooo. I yell at people everyday over not following the zipper method. Crazy that people don't know this shit.

    The zipper method? Explain

    When merging, one person from the left goes, one person from the right goes, repeat.

    yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i never had a name for that shit but this happened to me in my younger years on the e way when a person was merging to get on. i was in the middle lane and another car was to the right of me on a three lane e way. so i see that person merging and i see the person next to me isnt gone speed up and i didnt want to stop their progress so since the left lane was open i merged, the person next to me merged and the person merging on the e way got on fine. then the person to the right of me merged back to the far right lane and i merged back into the left.

    man that put tears in my eyes because this was two people who "knew" what to do in a situation like that. thats a beautiful thang right there. but you got other niggaZ who think driving is a right and not a privilege.
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  • Re: Samuel L Jackson the Goat

    what happened to the snappy nappy dugout?
  • Re: What's wrong with being petty?

    god damn boss you in your feelings now. now help a nigga get on your level. but thats another story.

    long read: was i petty?

    well i was working at this job and i was getting all the scrap copper because we were doing the demo and im the apprentice. so im getting mad copper and at the time for #1 copper was like four dollars a lb so i was getting like 300 bucks. so i come back to work on that monday from the two days off and my journeyman asked me how much did i get from that copper? i said 300 bucks. i knew i fucked up by telling him that.

    so he makes his own bullets and he was like,"i can buy a lot of "shots" for my bullets." in my mind im mad as fuck. so im like do you want any money and he says," well what ever you think i deserve." so im really mad as fuck. i didnt give him any money but i said shit god has already blessed me so you take the scrap wire that we gone get this week.

    so im mad cause i know i done fucked up and because he's a journeyman and he is suppose to give the apprentice the scrap. so the week goes on and by wednesday we have one real big box of copper and an alright box (both cardboard) of copper. so he telling me that he's going to take the boxes out friday during lunch. and for some reason i said man make sure you get it out before the mexicans because they steal everythang. well i know why i said it. it was because my brain needed an opening.

    so thursday comes and at first break i always go to my car and chill and smoke a black. so this muthafucka came out and he never comes out. lunch....he comes out and he never comes out. so now im mad. fucked it pissed. he was even walking by the boxes in this garage making sure the boxes were there.

    so i go home that day and im smoking and drinking and im getting mad like this hunkie aint gettin this box of copper. fuck the apprentice that shit is mine. so friday comes and i have an idea to get the copper out but idk if this will work because i knew i would be in a lift taking down troffers. so im in the lift taking down troffers and i can see my journeyman keep walking in that garage making sure those boxes where there. so i look at my phone and it was 9:10 am twenty minutes before first break. so i said to myself when it hit 9:15 im going to start coughing from all the dust and make him get on the lift.

    so the time comes and im coughin, spittin and everythang. i get out the lift and tell him he needs to do this because the dust got me fucked up and ill get back on the lift after first break. so i walk to the bathroom and as im walking in i look back to make sure that he puts on his harness so that i know that he's going up. well i come out and a journeywoman was taking out all the old troffers that we took down and using a forklift to take them out to the dumpster.

    i tell her let me drive these out so i can get some fresh air. so i dump the troffers and i roll pass the garage.....i look and i say fuck this hunkie. i threw the real big box on the pallet and i was about to get the other box but i remember somebody saying dont get greedy so i didnt. threw the real big box in my jeep and went back in. by that time it was first break and i went to my car and got up through but i was kind of spooked because i was hoping that the bitch at the security shack wouldnt look into my jeep because it was illegal to leave with items that came from inside the propety.

    but i knew she wouldnt look because i wave and say good morning everyday when i come through the gate and because she is fat and she wasnt gettin her fat ass out the seat to look. and unbeknownst to my journeyman my auntie lived close by and i dropped that box off at her house. went to the store got an icy and came back to work with like 2 minutes to spare.

    i got back up in the lift and when it got close to lunch he said he was gone leave ten minutes early so he could go to the scrap yard, sell the copper, and be back in time. well im up in the lift and you see him go to the garage happy and then you see him come back like a defeated man. head hanging low, shoulders slumped. LMBAO. i was up in the lift crying my eyes out. literally. because it was so funny. so i come back from lunch and he was like," @ineedpussy the copper is gone." and i was like, i told you to get that shit before the mexicans got it. lmbao.

    so was i petty?