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  • Re: The General Business Thread

    Sion wrote: »
    1. You don't have to make a lot of money in your 20s therefore use this decade to live w/in your means & find yourself

    2. USE THIS TIME TO DEVELOP TALENTS & SKILLS - you dont realize it yet but the future has always belonged to those who had some insurmountable talent which they later used to their advantage to milk for future successes & paths. Even the most menial skills you dont realize you have can be huge assets. use ex here

    If you have to look back at childhood to find that spark or one thing you loved more than anything.

    3. Invest well - look at my thread in SB, one of the greatest bull markets in history is on it's way, shit marketsd already rose over 50% since the recession, no savings account, bond, or CD came even close. All you had to do was invest in a low cost index fund that tracks the S&P 500 and you'd have made a killing if you weren't good at stock picking.

    4. define your life's task

    5. Don't be scared to do what you enjoy, don't worry about money now, that will come to you. Work in something you love and you will make your bones there. It doesn't matter who the richest nigga in the game is - MOST of em you've never heard of & if they make a billi right now you'd still give ZERO fucks LOLOL

    6. embrace chaos early - even though your life will

    7. play w/ women now, but choose the right one later

    8. learn to see things as they are - COMPLETE OBJECTIVITY - nobody likes real life, but if you train yourself to see things as they are you'll be able to set more honest goals & you'll be able to get over the naive & subjective who may bring you trouble. Don't be scared to dream & go above and beyond. This is great too b/c even if u fail at certain points your objectivity will help you see where u went wrong and how to play differently next time.

    I strongly recommend you read the 35 dimensions of critical thought once a week, it's a very short read & you'll gain incredible foresight and deductive reasoning skills.

    9. align yourself w/ the right people - honest and good nature people. Don't be persuaded by the slick haired, fast talking, bentley pushin nigga.

    10. Think and plan long term - there is NO reversal to this, thinking and planning far out into the future is the difference between the losers, the mediocre and the brave. If you have a clear view of what it is you want to achieve and do, you will be able to avoid a lot of short term bullshit, distractions and non-sense.

    @Sion can i still invest in low cost index funds? all i have is 400 and im willing to put my savings into it. help a brother out even though you banned me from the playas thread for asking a question but i need help on this more.
  • Re: Texas CHURCH SHOOTING: 20 Shots fired during service (27 Dead- 20+ Injured)

    time to up this vid for them people in church
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  • Re: You know you have a subpar job when...

    if you got to work with flea havin haitians. i hate that shit
  • Re: Calling ALL Obama Haters....

    a.mann wrote: »
    ineedpussy wrote: »
    fuck him. he can look out for gays, fags, messicans, and all that but get the fbi to label blacks as terrorist. but trump doing everything in his power to help out whites.....even the dirty ones. fuck obama. sellout non african american spineless bitch.

    A lot people don't understand or know.

    List a couple of things Obama did to look out for these groups

    And also a brief list of what positive things Trump is doing to better white people lives.....even the dirty ones....that Obama HAS NOT done for black people

    its on you to prove to me what he did. i said what i had to say bub
  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    so 7figz and the like are the white boys who are trying to turn this shit around on blacks who are calling out a black man on his shit for not helping out black folks? all the while they saying that the other blacks are the sellouts. yall see who are the white people? 7figz and his like who dont want to see blacks criticising another black. yeah there from the fbi aka the abc boys. dont trust them.....theyre taking notes. just a note.
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