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  • Re: Wentworth

    First episode of season 5... If Kaz dont get the fuck outa here with this bullshit....

    Kaz: there shall be no violence.. it is done.. she's invisible.

    *cut to the next scene*..... straight violence and Ferguson beating up like 7 chicks dolo

    Somebody else need to be top dog.. Kaz aint the one bruh.. lol
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    gemini86 wrote: »
    told yall the ep would be out an hour early. im sick and didnt go to work today but this shit got me hype
    i knew Kefla wasnt shit compared to SSB Goku. hes just dangerously low on stamina and is pushing himself.
    looks like ultra instinct will eliminate them next ep. Toppo is challenge for Vegeta but Vegeta should get that W.

    Not a spoiler. just an observation

    if Goku had all his energy, Kefla would be no match at all for him.
    You think Toppo really is a challenge for Vegeta tho? Vegeta more interested in Gokus fight than fighting with Toppo.. he aint even taking the shit seriously lol
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  • Re: Wentworth

    King of GA wrote: »
    WTF @inori and @MistyKnight yall don't have jobs? damn! how yall pass me up like that? shit!


    I be multitasking at the office fam lmao

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    I aint saw any mentions of Kaz. what yall think bout her character? I kinda think they dropped the ball with her, should of kept her a psycho hoe for a little longer before having her switch it up the way she did. When she came in i thought she was gone be a serious problem

    She aite.. had potential.. at first I thought they were gonna go with her as the main villain for the season but that shit fizzled out pretty quick and was overshadowed by Fergusons crazy ass.
  • Re: Wentworth

    Son of a bitch!
    smfh at the end of season 4

  • Re: Wentworth

    Mastery wrote: »
    inori wrote: »
    heard about this show in the I Watched Recently and the Orange is the new black threads but never got around to checking it out. Gonna peep like 3 episodes and see if still i'm interested after that..


    FOH nigga. You can't tell shit from three episodes mothafucka!!!


    Shiiiiiiiiet @Mastery

    Personally 3 is enough for me to decide whether or not I am interested in the characters and what they are going through...

    That being said.......

    if Jax/Jacs trifling ass aint dead by the end of episode 10 ima be pissed. lol
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