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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

    wrong thread... my bad lol..

    Fuck the Cowboys tho
    PanchoYoSanchotupacfan12dallas' 4 evaMaywoodOlorun22
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    CapitalB wrote: »
    Chi Snow wrote: »
    inori wrote: »
    lol we all got a looooong wait before we can start fighting again. haha I been venturing outside of LCA lately and see many of y'all aint the unreasonable assholes that y'all are in THIS thread...this show really brings out the worst in us lmfao.

    It's been fun.... in the meantime i guess i'll go watch narcos or some shit... *shrugs*
    You ain't venture far enough b

    Wall aka Mastery a donkey legend asshole
    Sion a mod level asshole
    Cap a GNS and SL level asshole
    A Mann a GNS level asshole *find him and Cap old back and forth and tell me differently*
    Westie supreme female asshole

    I'm sure there's some more assholes from CS and Reason *I'm not in either of those spaces often*

    Keep digging deeper, just about everyone in here is an asshole everywhere else lol

    right! cause i actually behave in here..
    it be for the good of the realm! lmmfao

    i use to let that faggotfuck zzombie hoop up in here..
    and even that bitch nigga a.mann to this day..

    i even chill on goin at Westie and Madame unless its house related..

    my nigga shit is real outside these westeros streets! lmmfao

    lmfao this shit is waaaaay deeper than I fuckin anticipated.. dayum... I just like my shows n shit lmfao.. fuckin savages. I aint even mad tho haha
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Sansa pegged you Nawf niggas. Y'all quick to turn on your own. @CapitalB flashes some money and women (props on both by the way) and y'all quick to throw your own into the cold.




    It was a series of events that let to this nigga Smoke being excommunicated and having his bear furz confiscated.

    He kept going after @Chi Snow... and Chi remained gracious about the whole thing
    He played himself with the Cap argument and produced nothing of worth with his retort
    Then he started lickin shots at his own set
    And then had the nerve to attack the OG @King of GA

    nah.. bruh.. that shit aint gon fly in the NAWF. Talking bout it's HIS set... its OUR set.. as a collective.

    "In winter we must protect ourselves....look after one another.. when the snows fall and the white winds blow.. the lone wolf dies.. but the PACK survives"
    King of GAChi SnowSmokey Tha Bandit(Nope)#1hiphopjunki3Maywood
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    call ya bannermen ma nigga lol... let's see if it's really your set or nah
    Smokey Tha BanditTHIRDSUPREMEMasteryCapitalBatribecalledgabiHundredEyes Chi Snow(Nope)L3NU#1hiphopjunki3
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    lol this nigga Smokey Allister Thorne got offa work and still out here trippin and misdirecting his fuckin anger at other norther lords...I been said all beefs should be handled internally and not in the public square but this nigga wanna be all out on front street yelling and clappin hands like some dramatic ass broad tryna get attention.

    @King of GA @(Nope)....I THIRD y'alls motion... get this nigga all the way the fuck outa here... for the realm. Strip him of all titles and lands. Hate it had to be you Smoke.... but you out here wildin and the NAWF needs unity... this rabble rousing infighting ass shit aint what's up

    It's "yo set" @Smokey Tha Bandit? Gone head and call ya bannermen then ma nigga... see who answers ya call
    Smokey Tha BanditTHIRDSUPREMEMasteryCapitalBatribecalledgabiRecaptimus_Prime360HundredEyes Inglewood_BKing of GAChi Snow(Nope)L3NU#1hiphopjunki3