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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    So I'm guessing after episode 3 we can start talking about the show again rather than just set trippin and insulting each other since predictions will be allowed again? lol
  • Re: The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Now Showing -"Spider-Man:Homecoming"

    I think Captain America does in the first Infinity War. Thanos kills him while he was protecting others. There's no other way for him to go. In the Infinity War sequel, Cap shows up in flashbacks as the avengers get revenge for Captain. I might cry seeing Cap die

    Gonna be interesting to see what happens with Vision too since he has an infinity stone in his head. He aint making it out unscathed either
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    all im sayin is..
    when that young Targaryen boy finds out his true heritage he go be like "I KNEW IT!! I KNEW I WAS ADOPTED!!"

    that nigga is not u Northerners..
    and yall know it.. yall raised him like a fuckin mutt.. fed him scraps and no matter how hard he tries yall find a way to fuck him over..

    first the wall..
    now the North..
    yall hate the greatness yall see in him..

    and we know where that greatness comes from!!
    yall like old white men and yall hate that nigga's Targaryen swag! hahaha

    He may be y'all cousin.. but he is more wolf than anything and a son of the NAWF. Quit tryna steal the snow man dayum!!! Y'all got enough already... n shit

    ya greedy bastard lol
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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    how is it 2017 and people still can't manage to find a link to shit. If you don't already have a site for downloads a simple google could help you
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    inori wrote: »
    celebrate we get dragons..
    celebrate geiing army..
    celebrate gettin Tyrion & Varys..
    celebrate aquiring Dorne and Martell's..
    celebrate gettin an iron fleet..
    celebrate gettin a Dothraki horde..

    all this while hurdle after hurdle was placed in front of us..

    what are the Starks celebrating??!
    whats all this fuss about!!?

    not fuckin gettin killed for once! :joy: :joy:

    bring it fam! we the two most powerful houses in the realm.. don't make sense for us to fight but if you want it you will get this work. Whoever wins finna fuck up the WW something serious anyway. so @charles2 you can gtfoh

    Don't act like the NAWF don't have knowledge of how to defeat the WW
    Don't act like the NAWF can't take control of humans, animals and dragons
    Don't act like the NAWF won't steal ya face
    Don't act like the NAWF aint got the red god on its side
    Don't act like the NAWF aint got dragonglass and Valeryian Steel out this bitch

    Magic cancels out magic..
    u aint stealin a mythical magical creature.. thats not how u ride one.. they have to accept u..

    Go rewatch season 6..
    the head red bitch pledge herself to us..
    she outranks the others and they will fall in line..

    try again..
    and this time try listing some victories..
    we dont celebrate potential here we clebtate results..

    where we from if u cant count it it dont count!

    ol wimpy ass niggas..
    promisin tuesday today. smmfh

    muthafuckin speculation.

    you don't even know what magic cancels out what. the nigga Samwell is the authority on that.. fall back

    Who said y'all red bitch was the top red bitch.. she ever raise a muthafucka from the dead like red muthafuckas do in the NAWF?

    lol @ y'all so called victories... like when y'all "elite soldiers" wasnt gettin merked by random fugazi ass niggas in PJs and masks while ya boys visiting whorehouses without a dick to get serenaded by naked bitches then getting they throat cut? foh

    this chick "khaleesi" got a speech every season but still end up being on some "well dayum...maybe next year" shit

    How you lock up ya dragons when they the only shits keeping your name out there? We got you tho... we aint finna let them rot in a pit.. we gon put them to work... for the realm nigga