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  • Re: Un-popular wrestling opinions

    iight then

    Back to the opinions...

    Kevin Nash is an all time great. Nowhere near top 10 all time, but he deserves a lot more credit than he gets. He moved well for a big man, formed the nWo and cut some of the best shoot promos on the mic. If he didnt have quads made of candle wax and stuck around most of the last 15 years, he'd be the undisputed 2nd best big man ever after Taker.

    BAM BAM, Mike Awesome, Vader, Umaga, and Kane say what up.
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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    jono wrote: »
    Theres no storyline reason for Cell to be there or to even be an option. You niggas need to get over it.

    On one hand you wanna bemoan DBS being fan service then on the other you want nonsensical purely fan service bullshit.

    That's a goddamn lie. All the asspulls these niggas been pulling throughout the series... They coulda came up with something. But tha FACT is Toei specifically stated they seldom bring back Cell because they are lazy...

    Not against Frieza bein part of the team but facts is facts.

    There's NO REASON FOR HIM TO BE THERE PERIOD. None. You can't even think of one.

    Fuck it lets bring back Zarbon. Why? *shrugs*
    Jeice is from Uni 7 lets bring him back to. Why? *shrugs*

    When Frieza clearly has a story involving Frost, another involving Beerus and the Saiyans, the power to even stand a chance in this whole tournament in the first place.

    They could have pulled Trunks, they coulda pulled Yamcha, both of them make more sense than Cell. Stop being a mark. Theres no reason for Cell to be on the list.
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  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    Live mics...
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  • Re: So I just found out Thurgood Marshall was an FBI Informant

    BIGG WILL wrote: »
    Not surprised at all. He clearly had Political aspirations seeing has he went on to be a Supreme Court Justice.

    You have to be selected by the President to get to this level.

    Yeah man that's the same thing I was thinking. It stands to reason that he benefitted from being an informant if he indeed was one.
    If you actually bothered reading the article, you'd realize there's nothing insidious about this.

    There nothing wrong with someone within an organization giving information to the government knowing the government doesn't like that organization and looking for any reason to destroy it?
    kzzl wrote: »
    NAACP been suspect.

    Amerikkka went on a killing spree with every other black movement, but they let these niggas flourish? That's like homie getting out the next day, when you hear he got 15 years. Shit don't add up. Word on the street is that the jews are the head of that shit as well.

    Jews helped create the NAACP, some of the founders were Jewish. Some of the biggest financers of the civil rights movement period were Jewish.

    The NAACP was also very careful in what they got involved in, they didn't take too many chances. They like fighting in the courts while other black organizations were in the streets.
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  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread

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