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  • Re: Big game hunter crushed to death by falling elephant that was fatally shot...pffff, hahahaha

    Good. I hope more of those assholes get crushed by elephants. Shooting animals for exotic gifts and just to impress their fuck ass friends.

    While PETA worried about dogs being harmed in movies they need to really to branch out to hunt hunters.
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  • Re: would mlk jr. been better served if he would of had blacks....

    This is a tired debate.
    Segregation can never, did never and will never work.

    This shit is fantasy drummed up by ignorant mufuckas who weren't born at the time and didn't have to live in that world.

    If you can't see the inherent idiocy of being pro-segregation you lost to the world.
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  • Re: Flex & Wack have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character Of not only Mr. Shakur,

    You can't speak on a dead man...
    Unless its to fellatio the nigga.

    Fuck outta here. Dead or not, he not lying on him. He stating the facts
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  • Re: WWE PPV thread - WWE Backrash

    Alot of the neckbeard crowd hated the HOH without knowing what it was or how it would turn out.

    I can't imagine WWE trying to debut an inferno match or something these days.

    Back when I was a kid all the goofy newsletter guys didn't have a voice to try ruining the show and the enjoyment for kids.

    I had casket and buried alive matches. Let them have their house of horrors.
  • Re: So certain females are mad @ Jesse Williams for divorcing his wife & then supposedly upgrading to...

    I don't really want to get into the muck and mire of all this but I do want to make a few statements.

    1: His ex wife is not ugly. I don't know why this is somehow the narrative to run with.

    2: Even if she was ugly (or your opinion is that she's ugly) what makes a person isn't on the outside anyway. The looks and the body are the first thing to go with age. You marry someone you're in for the long haul. At some point you gotta grow up and get over the looks.

    3: If you consider yourself pro-black, you should have a black family. I'm not going to knock the nigga for dating a white woman though, because he knows her better than I do and she might be a dope ass white woman.

    4: The chief issue I have with this is the concept that dude is "upgrading" to a white woman. This furthers the stereotype that white women are cultural trophies for niggas.

    5: The white woman is actress. Any kind of beauty she has is manufactured by having personal trainers, make up artists and hairdressers making sure she's on point for these glamor shots y'all keep posting. If his wife was an actress and had access to all that assistance y'all probably wouldn't be calling her unattractive.

    6: We don't know dude and his wife's relationship. Black or white when things get toxic or bad for you then its time to bounce. Also the nigga not obligated to date sisters. It should be preferred but he's not obligated.
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