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  • Re: Soft Black Guy Tries To Make One Of Trump's Neo Nazis Hug Him

    That hug probably hurt his feelings more than being punched would have. Hitting them reaffirms what they already believe.

    Besides, dude was being glib with the hug. He wasn't serious.
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  • Re: So, I watched My Hero Academia...

    Meester wrote: »
    So the first season is worth buying?

    Ive been hesitant to pick it up

    It's good but if you talking DVD/Blu Ray then wait a few more years. The first two seasons aren't worthy of dropping money on.

    It's a fun watch though.
  • So, I watched My Hero Academia...

    And it's dope. Deku is cool little dude. He reminds me a lot of Ms. Marvel, a superfan that gets the opportunity to be a hero.

    It's visually nice, the villains are virtually non-existent but the cast is full of cute quicky characters.

    I only really hate Bakugo because he's a try-hard edgelord but everyone else is cool.

    I do think the characters cry too much, and the villains need to be more out there but overall it's a fun show.
    I like this better than HunterXHunter, sue me.

  • Re: Fair or Foul?: Underage boy "sexts" girl.... Labled a sex offender

    These laws exist because teens and underage children can be used to obtain pics.

    It happened with friends of my brother back when they were in HS. Even though dick pics and shit like that was rudimentary back then.

    The football team (which he played on) would often get propositioned to sell pics they got from girls in their classes. They wouldn't always be from other students either, but the older cousin/brother etc of someone at the school.

    It's fucked up but that shit is child porn. It's difficult to prove that there is sinister motive behind receiving or coaxing a pic out of someone but the shit happens.

    I don't think dude should be considered a sex offender but creating and distribution of child porn is serious business. The last thing you want is for some creep to use their teenage kid to obtain nudes.
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  • Re: The Nagging Mom: What the **** is up with women and censorship?

    Bitches outchea jealous of bitches that don't even exist.

    Chicks outchea constructing entire arguments, making life changing decisions and declarations based on shit that doesn't even really exist.

    If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about feminist and women in general idk what to tell you.

    Every straight man on earth has said to his woman at least once " you tripping/mad over nothing"

    And this thread proves that sentiment to the utmost both literally and figuratively

    Full disclosure: I considered myself a male feminist. I'm all for equal opportunity, pay equality (considering they have the same experience and other variables). You wanna talk about domestic abuse and rape? I fully support women 7 times outta 10

    But when you start talking about nonsense like the "male gaze" and attacking people for enjoying something you personally feel objectifies or ridicules women, and its based on nothing more than your personal feelings....FUCK OFF.

    When you want to say crazy shit on twitter and get mad when a dude comes back at you...FUCK OFF

    You want to claim you were harassed after you tweeted or blogged some hateful, ignorant shit...DEAL WITH IT.

    That shit ain't got nothing to do with women's rights. It's got something to do with your personal attitude and behavior.

    Radical feminists don't speak for all women, they don't even speak for most women. They speak for themselves and all the other pink haired dog moms out there. Most women don't care about the tits on a cartoon or a comic book character. For fucks sake, get real.
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