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  • Re: Power Season 4 thread: June 25th(You will be banned for posting SPOILERS)

    DNB1 wrote: »
    The biggest clue is him killing Jukebox and saving Tariq.

    He killed his own son, why give a fuck about Tariq?

    He got to bond with Tariq that's why. Its not ridiculous to think that spending all that time together that they got close. Kanan didn't care about Sean because he hardly knew Sean.

    Its the same shit why step-fathers bond with kids not their own while ignoring their actual blood children. Its the same thing OGs have when they introducing young boys into the life. Its a mentor type thing.

    I wouldn't put it past them to make Tariq Kanan's son though. The show is a soap opera/crime drama but more soap that drama. Its been that way from the beginning but niggas just now noticing.
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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    jono wrote: »
    @jono Tha fuck is you talkin bout nigga!? You bringing up Jeice and Zarbon, two fucking nonentities, and Trunks... You calling out niggas whose stories BEEN told. Trunks' shyt was mediocre af, period.

    I thought it was gonna be Yamcha when we thought Cell was gonna switch but even you know that would have been stupid otherwise.

    Tha Frieza shyt been asspulls across tha muthafuckin board (ROF and tha current arc) so they coulda came up with some bullshyt for Cell. The FACT IS, as TOEI HAS STATED, is that they're too cheap and lazy to bring Cell into the picture on a consistent basis again. Quit being a fuckin fanboy. I already said I have no problems with Frieza's ass being there.

    Go head and write that script. You gotta lot of words. How does Cell make sense?

    Nigga, Im a fan, tha fuck I need to write it for? Niggas (Toei) already said - and while Toeiyama is known for massive asspulls, Dux and I are both speaking facts, period - that Cell won't show up because they are lazy and cheap.[/b] Yall keep getting spoonfed though. As has been stated before, Shueisha opened up a division to take over Dragonball's development long after Toriyama's geriatric, Alzhiemer's having ass passes to the river Stix or whatever tha fuck the Japanese believe in.

    Keep challenging me tho nigga, I'm not the enemy. I've stated multiple times that I don't mind seeing where they take Frieza this time even though he's tired af. From a Super standpoint, it's interesting, but as a follower of the original Dragonball narrative... Whatever...

    Nigga got criticism but no better idea. Just as I thought. Have a seat clown.
  • Re: Eminem Exposed As Huge Racist That Switches Like A Frisco Dyke In An Aggressively Homosexual Manner

    And I'm also not trying to hear any bullshit from black rappers who have said shit just as bad as what Eminem said.

    That double standard shit don't fly with me.

    Some of your favorite rappers have even talked about killing and raping black children, pissing on black babies, and all that but niggas want to clutch their pearls over Eminem tapes.

    Yeah he said it. It doesn't matter to me whether he was a teenager or an adult, he should be held responsible for his words but so should all these niggas y'all love too.

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  • Re: One New Jersey rapper has to go: Redman, Treach or Joe Budden

    Red easy.

    Naughty is one of the best hip hop groups ever and Treach played a huge part in that and in their image.

    Joe Budden....



    Just better than Redman
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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    Frieza would be the third strongest fighter and have more experience than anyone other than Roshi.

    You can't cry about fan service then complain about the most obvious replacement. Besides Frieza being on the team is far more interesting than any other pick because of his history and the team dynamic of everybody being friends has been thrown a monkey wrench.