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  • Re: One New Jersey rapper has to go: Redman, Treach or Joe Budden

    Red easy.

    Naughty is one of the best hip hop groups ever and Treach played a huge part in that and in their image.

    Joe Budden....



    Just better than Redman
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    Frieza would be the third strongest fighter and have more experience than anyone other than Roshi.

    You can't cry about fan service then complain about the most obvious replacement. Besides Frieza being on the team is far more interesting than any other pick because of his history and the team dynamic of everybody being friends has been thrown a monkey wrench.
  • Re: The Feminization of Black Males Continues

    Meh. He's unharmed and alive. Its just a dress, nigga ain't gon die from wearing a dress.
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  • Re: WWE PPV thread - WWE Backrash

    If Balor wasn't hurt dude wouldn't have been champ in the first place.
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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    jono wrote: »
    But they still are not beholden to any other style of explanation.

    Again, DBZ(S) is not the Flash or anything else. Its DBZ(S). What they did is consistent with their universe, which is the important point.

    What other people choose to do with time travel is irrelevant to how they do it.

    Everyone is going to do it differently.

    a large majority of dbz fans who were in their teens and younger when the show first came out are now in their late 20's and 30's now....

    explanations on time travel should reflect that especially considerations how much we've been exposed to it....

    i dunno, i'm just saying lazy writing and exposition might work for kids, but not on adults....[ b]and even though they think they're still making a kids show.......adults are watching this[/b]

    Sounds to me that adults need to realize they are watching a kids show. Though its not really a kids show. This arc was very dark.

    Again, this is consistent with their universe. That's all you can or should expect.

    Toriyama writes simple stories. .

    Simple =/= lazy just because you think it shouldnt be. I'd rather he keep it simple and consistent than try to be complex.

    This simple storyline confused a lot of the so-called writing experts (that wanted Black to be Goten or for Zeno to destroy everything 7 weeks ago) so heaven forbid if he attempted, and failed at trying to be overly complex.

    If you prefer time travel stories in other universes - cool but that's those universes. It wouldn't make sense to do it here. It makes even less sense to expect it.

    They explained time travel theory in Dragon Ball, we've seen it and so far its consistent. That's all you're really owed from a writing standpoint.