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  • Re: Arabs and indians running gas stations/liquor stores

    Y'all idiots mad at the wrong shit.
    People trying to earn a living and feed their families just like you.
    Motherfuckas ain't holding you down. They don't make you come into their store or their gas station, that's your choice.

    Arabs can't stop you from getting a loan to open your own store, what the fuck are you mad at them for? Stupid niggas stay mad at the scapegoat.

    Them niggas ain't thinking about you 90% of the time, they trying to do business. Do business or don't, I doubt they care.

    Stop making this shit personal. Niggas trying to buy milk and bread, blunt wraps and beer, they play their lottery then get the fuck on. It ain't that deep. This shit doesn't require a thesis statement and research.

    I ain't in the store more than 2 minutes for any reason, I don't fraternize and try to make friends with them niggas. I buy what I want and I leave.

    What the fuck do you want? Your dick sucked and a head pat telling you how special you are just so he can sell some gotdamn condoms and potato chips? GTFOH.

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  • Re: NC Law Says That Women Cannot Back Out of Sex Once Consent Is Given

    That nigga ain't got no rights to pussy. You niggas legit think you entitled to a woman's body against her will. Rapey ass niggas.
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  • Re: Arabs and indians running gas stations/liquor stores

    I don't care bro. I'm here for peanuts, Everfresh juice (grapefruit), maybe a Krispy Kreme donut and I'm out.
  • Re: "You cannot say Black Lives Matter and then kill yourselves" - Stevie Wonder

    Swiffness! wrote: »
    Are the ones killing each other the same ones yelling BLM? If so that's news to me...

    cacs have turned "Black Lives Matter" into a catch-all for any and all black people they're afraid of, as far as they're concerned, any nigga not waving a Confederate Flag in a MAGA hat is "BLM".

    And we fall right into that trap in general. America has made it so that somehow black people look at ourselves as one sentient being with one singular conscious and that we all are on the hook for whatever crime that some random fuck nigga commits just because we share the same skin tone....yet that never happens to whites.

    Black people, my people, it's time to realize that no matter WHAT we do, good or bad they're gonna have a problem with it.'s time for good black people to separate ourselves from the niggas out here. Don't shed tears for fuck niggas that die or go to jail for doing fuck nigga shit.

    With that being said the only way to stop these ignorant niggas from killing each other and random innocent people is by sterilizing their punk bitch asses and locking violent offenders up and throwing away the key.

    Bruh. Stop it. Niggas still mad at white folks from 70 years ago and 200 years ago for shit they wasn't even born for. All cops get labeled because a few are fuck niggas.

    That generalizing shit ain't just something white people do.
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  • Re: WWE PPV thread - Great Balls of Fire [Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe] - July 9th

    Them snowflakes need to fuck off. Maryse stay helping Miz win. Sherri Martel been helping men win. This shit is wrestling. Shut up.
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