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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Boosie hires an escort for his sons 14th birthday

    aneed123 wrote: »
    Also it's a lot of nigga/hood lifestyle shit folk don't know boi t and it surprises them. Trains older cats buying young virgins dudes pussy as initiation etc... goes on. I don't agree but I understand lol

    Why it has to be (Hood)? Everybody uncle/dad/cuzin aint hood, it goes on in the hood (yes) but this goes on outside of the hood as well.

    Michael Jackson Dad, I read would toss his son hoes, I think somebody stated MJ would read the Bible to the women when they tried to toss the chicks to him (LOL).
    Michael Jackson was a weirdo (still the GOAT) that had sleep over with children and died a drug addict. Terrible example. Several of his family members actually hated Joe Jackson and had surgeries to change their features.
    Man that shit is stated in the hood, outside the hood, everywhere, niggas that haven't heard of it can't be on some it's not normal shit.

    Like I stated, Wayne/BG, Immature, Boy/Girl Teenage groups were rapping/singing about sex and you think the fans of these ppl weren't fucking, you don't think these boy groups like Immature wasn't getting hoes brought to them by their road managers/staff etc.
    Wayne and BG are both drug addicts. One of which is currently in prison and the other used to kiss a grown man in the mouth. Worse example. Also wasn't one of those boy band niggas claiming they were molested by their manager?
    You niggas need to stop living in Kansas and wake the hell up. Smh Let kids be Kids smh. 13, 14 year olds talk about sex just as much as adults

    Shit when you was a FR in HS, you mean to tell me your older cuzin or patna wasn't setting you up with some pussy?
    Smh nigga be real with yourselves and stop the holy, I'm mature act.

    That shit isn't normal and its not cute or funny. The hood looks like it does and niggas act the way they do because hood culture is toxic. There's no real debate that.
  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread

    Nakamura is just another guy. You push people based on what they do, not reputation. The average fan doesn't give a fuck about NJPW or what he did there because they didn't see it.

    Second, Nakamura has had one undeniably great match his entire time in the states (vs Sami Zayn) and was hot shotted to the main event of NXT where he had several good but not great matches with others.

    That hurt his stock more than "well they just don't know what to do with this guy." That argument is a fallback when dudes aren't living up to potential. I still dig Nakamura but honestly he's got alot of work to do to successfully crossover into the U.S.
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  • Re: Controversial In Living Color Sketch "Bolt 45"

    I never thought the show was all that funny. That particular sketch wasn't funny either.
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  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

    We're not African. I disagree with that. We are African American. No amount of denial will change that. African isn't even a country or a nation. It's a continent, so saying that is silly. We all know our heritage is in Africa, but most of us have families that have been in this country for hundreds of years. You can't just ignore that. I don't see how anyone who has travelled to Africa or even sat down and kicked it with Africans for a little bit can argue that. Hell, the is noticeable difference between blacks depending on what region of the US you're from, so it's a bit ridiculous to claim that African Americans are Africans. Like it or not, we've been tainted.

    The more I learn about Africa the less African I feel. "African" is a catch-all term that Africans don't even use. They denote nation, tribe, culture, language, religion etc. Each country has their own flag, government, cultural and social issues...its a unique identity.

    Its the Americanized view of race that makes folks think that all Africans are the same and interchangeable.

    You even start to notice people mixing African cultures under the umbrella that "Well Black skin means everyone is the same." That shit is faulty logic.

    Speaking Swahili, Kinte or mudcloth clothes and cowry shells, voodoo, all this shit is different cultures.

    We're family, for sure, but a distant cousin. If we showed up to the family reunion we get the "whose kid are you?" treatment. Most wouldn't even feel comfortable sitting at the table with actual Africans.

    Its the insecurity of blacks in America where they just want to feel apart of something they perceive to be "bigger and better."

    Its this insecurity that niggas like Umar feed on. He's a pimp that spews a lot of easily digestible rhetoric for the aggravated masses. What does he actually do though? Nothing...he gives speeches and makes promises.

    Its been like 10 years and dude ain't put a door knob on a school. He judges folks for marrying white people and he's not married and never has been. He's got more nicknames than a pro wrestler "Prince of Pan Africanism" "Popa" all that bullshit. It all feels like a gimmick to me.

    All in all, he would just be another hotep nigga for me to ignore but he asks for money. That's the one issue I have here. Say whatever you want. There's over a dozen false prophets in the community, armchair revolutionaries etc so he's unoriginal in that regard but anyone who asks for money with an intended purpose needs to be held responsible for where that money is.

    Back to my statement though...

    There's always going to be kinship with Africans but we kin to Jamaicans and Haitians too, we all cousins.But outside of skin color we vastly different all over the world. Trying to deny the differences is to deny reality.
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  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    I've listened to that Umar dude a couple of time. He strikes me as a pimp aka black preacher. He knows how to pander to black folks, but some how I feel he has a side hustle.

    Pimpin black folks is his side hustle
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