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  • Re: Aye...Member How Raw "Swagga Like Us" Was When It Came Out...?

    jimmy's verse on come home away with me is >> anything tip and wayne did two of the most overrated niggaz in hiphop history.
  • Re: for all pac fans

    Turfaholic wrote: »
    killaguwop wrote: »
    _Menace_ wrote: »
    killaguwop wrote: »
    i fuck with pac. but L.A to me is N.W.A,CMW,westside connection,quik,DPG,game and now Black Hippy.
    other than that i am good.

    Pac was claiming Oakland tho... Not LA

    even when he was on the ROW and the video for California Love had that "Welcome To Oakland" sign

    that's the problem. the bay is wack, L.A was too sheisty for him fucked around and made a coastal beef. NY lost it's king over some whining bullshit.

    This nigga is confused. He usin dipset logo along with gucci name

    gucci >> gay area wack rappers
  • Re: for all pac fans

    pac warriors saying dissing a dead man bitch he was alive when the song was recorded and big died before the release of the album.pac stans just like hov stans have so many ways of lying and making untruthful shit up when they are exposed.

    we not talking about no muthafucking rappers ( bunch of rappers big was beefing) we talking about you nigga (pac). suge knight ain't no rapper bitch.

    long kiss goodnight.
    drop a gem on em.

  • Re: for all pac fans

    _Menace_ wrote: »
    Yet no names weren't mentioned... and Pac still fucked faith... and BIG said "if Fay had twins she'd probably have 2 pac get it 2pacs?"

    Stop trolling and trying to hype a Big vs Pac thread.

    Saying your name on a track>>>> Subliminal's

    faggot ass nigga big was being sarcastic about pac fucking faith only in his fuckin dreams. what subliminal fool diddy said clearly we comin for you we not talkin about no muthafuckin rapper we talkin about you.

    i know you pac stan acted like oh who the fuck is he talking about when you heard the song.

    the childish rants cussing out you fat motherfucker i fucked your wife shit only get glorified by lames.
  • for all pac fans

    did you hear the ending of the long kiss goodnight joint?
    diddy's ad-libs talkin shit we comin for you,this shit is never gonna stop,then he said
    we not talkin about no other muthafuckin rappers we talkin about you.
    goddamn that shit is harder than hit em up and everything pac made.