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  • Re: Egyptian singer sentenced to prison for video 'inciting debauchery'

    Broddie wrote: »
    Should've came to the US. Tough break.

    Basically. Can't act surprised when you know what will and won't fly in your country and you do something that clearly goes against whatever morality standard your country has and it lands you in prison.
    Young Stefdeadeyeblakfyahking
  • Re: CNN: Having older brothers increases men's likelihood of being gay

    R0mp wrote: »
    R0mp wrote: »
    Lmao at the ad for this thread:

    Umm.... u do know ads are based on your search history?
    R0mp wrote: »
    Lmao at the ad for this thread:

    Umm.... u do know ads are based on your search history?

    Eh, if I had a gay search history, you know I would have zero problem saying so.

    I got the Papa John's ad on one of Kap's thread when Papa John's had their anthem statement and I didn't have them in the search history either.

    I ain't gonna quote what your clearly gay search resulted in, but... you know... the shit is out there. On top of that the gay search result was accompanied by shit that could only be made by someone of the faggot persuasion
    R0mp wrote:
    If it were these two, I'd bend both of 'em over the nearest bunk, and fuck 'em right up the asshole, ZERO fucks given. Yeah I said it, nigga.
    HerbalVaporCapersskpjr78Valentinez A. Kaiser
  • Re: DNA & Genetic Testing Sites Revealing Family Secrets

    5 Grand wrote: »
    How accurate are these DNA testing kits?

    I saw something online about three identical triplets. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked the same. But they did the DNA testing and one of them was like 35% Scandinavian, the other was like 32% Scandinavian and the third sister was like 31% Scandinavian. Its not that big of a difference but considering they're identical triplets you'd think their numbers would be the exact same.

    Anyway, give me a sec and I'll see if I can find the article.

    Edit. I found the article


    fuck kinda genetics these hoes got with these Glenn Quagmire jawlines?


    Ole girl on the left prolly glad she ain't that identical.
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  • Re: Grown Woman twerks for a Kid on his birthday

    LordZuko wrote: »
    This has nothing to do with what type of women men go after and has everything to do with a society that has told females that everything they do falls under the umbrella of female empowerment.

    You can't check these hoes because there are no consequences for their actions really.

    I mean we have grown ass teachers cheating on husband with high school students and catching probation sentences.

    In fact the most notorious one was turned into a lifetime movie where Mary Lou whatever the fuck her last name is was given the sympathetic treatment.

    Females occupy this space where they are both children and adults, so when they do some fucked up shit It's downplayed.
    Instances where children are abused violently by there own mothers, or sold off as prostitutes by their mothers or placed in special ed classes so the mother can get that $900 check every month.

    Females have been allowed to be unaccountable for their actions for fuckin ever and it's only because we live in a viral media society that some of it is seen.

    I mean... in reality u should be more pissed at the men who made these rules.

    It's men in here not caring about it and not calling it abuse. Saying "smash" or whatever.
    I don't care if u would smash, nigga how does that info benefit me?

    Also men who simp and allow scandalous women to walk over them and they firmly believe that they aren't suckers. Because "it ain't trickin if u got it" while these particular women laugh and finesse the rest of the suckers in her dm's.

    Also men have been the judges in most cases where the woman gets special treatment.

    I've always said I despise simps more than I despise cheaters/promiscuous women. Because they encourage it.

    But yeah... it all boils down to men in the end.

    Nope, not really.

    In many, if not most, jurisdictions judges are voted into office. This means that the female population either voted for that judge or didn't give enough of a shit to vote for the opposition.

    Same for lawmakers: Women hold the power to put other women into office or at least put a man in office that is sympathetic to their causes but they don't. They elect the men or women that align closest to their values which might be contrary to those of "women's rights" groups. Believe it or not there's a shitload of women that don't believe in abortion, that don't believe a woman should be the head of a household, don't believe a woman should lead a church, and a whole host of other things. Women wield a significant amount of power when it comes to the laws and shit that get put on the books.

    The judges that were sympathetic to women where they were the perp in rape cases likely had a large number of women that put him into that position BECAUSE he's sympathetic towards women. I'm not saying that's always the case, but it can and has been.
  • Re: how come you havent started your own business yet?

    Brian B. wrote: »
    mryounggun wrote: »
    Cuz niggas ain't tryna quit their 9-5 and give up the stability of that guaranteed paycheck and put their faith in themselves, but risk falling on their faces and not being able to support themselves, their family or cop the new Js.

    And cuz niggas ain't willing to KEEP their 9-5 and work like a dog on their own business with whatever time they have left in the day cuz they'd rather be spending those hours elsewhere.


    i hear you.

    i have started so many new businesses since selling all my shares and other businesses like 2 years back.

    i was recently told by a developer that i have a entrepreneurial eye that even most americans he dealt with dont.

    i heard that many times. i see money in everything an how to get it.

    and while i know this is my gift...i want to know why others dont start they own shit.

    Cuz everything ain't for everybody

    besides there'd be too many chiefs & not enuff indians

    As a Native American I'm appalled and offended and your choice of words.

      Colin$mackabi$hblakfyahkingdasmooth1Ajackson17caddo man