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  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    5th Letter wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    Cain wrote: »
    Even though I despise this goofy bastard I don't condone pussy ass niggas stealing on people in no circumstances.

    Tommy once said that it's ok for white people to kill young black kids over the knockout game propaganda. He once threatened to put hands on various different black women. So no sympathy here.
    What he say?


    dead at "Jamarquavius"

    But on the real, if there were fatal repercussions for shit like that knock-out game, the shit would stop pretty much immediately. If a muhfucka run up on me and sock me in the face for no goddamned reason and I got the biscuit on me I'm blastin him and his peoples runnin with him. Fuck that, you get to die today 'cause your parents didn't raise you right.
  • Re: I always knew Amerikkkas sweetheart Tomi Lahren was into something.

    I'd eat that sweet racist poosie

    and then, when you're done, she'll cry rape and you'll spend the next 10 years dodging Bubba, Chuey, Da'ronte, and 'nems rape attempts and beatings.
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  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    SELASI_i wrote: »
    ineedpussy wrote: »
    these hotep niggaZ kill me. bet money them niggaZ gettin mad at tommy for yelling in front of a woman probably have like six different babies mothers. smmfh.

    They the kind that get mad at the wrong shit. You wanna hit tommy for yelling at a black woman but the pig who had the little girl in the head lock at the pool party out here still or what about Sandra Bland's detainers? They out here. Ghetto gaggers out here.. You niggas is lame. Notep!

    And that's part of what Tommy talks about when it comes to shit. You get mad at Tommy for calling a Black woman a bitch but have no problem listening to rappers call Black women bitches or worse. You ready to run up on Tommy but your feet stuck to the floor when your favorite rapper comes to town. You quick to run up on Tommy but legs suddenly paralyzed when Quentin Tarantino in ya area 'cause, you know... "Dead Nigger Storage" and all that other shit. If they're around my age I guarantee them niggas haven't tossed their old NWA or 2 Live Crew tapes. In fact, they prolly got some shit like that in the ride right now.
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  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    I took that shit personal. I really feel like that punch was in defense of my honor. What a blessed day I'm having.


    When I listened to everything Tommy laid out, the chick was dead fuckin wrong and Tommy had every right to call her a bitch.

    I'll defend a woman's honor, but not if she's clearly in the wrong. What the fuck kinda "black woman" tells a Black man "that's why they kill y'all niggas in the street now" in front of a cop???

    Nah b, she's in the wrong, and for that hotep ass nigga that socked Tommy to not understand that is completely expected; they're always mad at all the wrong shit. He should mad at that broad for ever uttering some bullshit like that, basically justifying the death of Black men and saying they deserved it somehow.
    blackgod813onetoughmiracletexas409LEMZIMUS_RAMSEYnex ginrip.dilla
  • Re: Top Highest Paid DJ's for 2017.......I see a trend


    ^^^ Love that they used Jeff "The Wizard" Mills for the Before pic.
    313 wayzStew