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  • Re: DNA & Genetic Testing Sites Revealing Family Secrets

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Ain’t Mexicans technically native to America

    The Mexicans with darker skin are closer to their Native ancestors with the remaining Maya still carrying pretty much the 100% blood of their ancestors. Them light skinned Mexicans have Spanish blood in 'em.
    Young Stef
  • Re: Chris Brown got competition!Pop Locking Pops

    He prolly was a b-boy back in the early 80s

    I think a lot of folks don't realize that pop lockin been around since the early 70's. 74 year old Toni Basil was one of the original members of the Campbell Lockers (later known as just The Lockers), the group that originated pop-locking, and can still run it.

    There's a whole lotta 60+ year old cats out here that could out pop-lock Chris Brown. There used to be this cat that rode the bus with me back around 2006. Old white dude the a white Santa Clause beard, had to have been in his 60's. Bus would pick him up near ASU's campus and every day he was at the bus stop locking while he waited and he was good as hell at it.
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  • Re: CNN: Having older brothers increases men's likelihood of being gay

    Will Munny wrote: »
    Oldest on my whole dad’s side of the family.

    God damn I’m straight

    I'm the oldest on both sides of the family.

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  • Re: Post a pic of your ride....

    aneed123 wrote: »
    they got me/my mom this summer. i gave her my old car with the jvc double din... jbl 61/2 in all the doors on a 4 channel jbl amp and 2 jbl 12s on a monoblock amp ... threw a brick thru the window snatched everything out. insurance had to total the car out

    I ain't know niggas was still stealing car radios

    if it's a DIN or double DIN like aneed123 had then yup. There's still a huge need for aftermarket radios for older cars. Personally, the one reason I have no interest in owning any of these newer cars is because of the OEM stereos and how they're integrated into the cars so you can't replace them. Give me an older 90's or very early 00's ride that I can throw a stereo in and I'll roll that shit like y'all younger cats do these new whips.
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  • Re: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Thread

    inori wrote: »
    I don't know about mining... where im at the cost of the hardware plus the electricity bill wouldn't turn a profit for the amount of power needed for ME.. but yeah man if any of yall have some cash to invest.. i would recommend it.. and most importantly.. I would recommend that you HOLD..

    Ive been holding for about 6 months and have already tripled my initial investment... imagine holding for a year or longer

    At this point mining bitcoin is a done deal for individuals. You gotta have serious money invested in purpose-built ASIC machines to do it these days. Altcoins like Monero and Litecoin can still be done individually, but unless you're ready to drop coin on a high end quad GPU box it's best that you join a pool just to get something. My situation is somewhat unique in that we don't pay electricity in this apartment, so there's no loss from power costs to calculate so I can run my shit around the clock without penalty.