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  • Re: Top Highest Paid DJ's for 2017.......I see a trend

    Cain wrote: »
    a_list wrote: »
    I'm bout to start spinning that EDM raking in that dough...Brothas gotta make a

    I don't even think of them as DJ's they just push fader buttons and adjust the treble

    This is a REAL House DJ.

    Personally I'd prefer TP use vinyl, but at least it ain't Serato.

    I spin just like Terrance as does the majority of the DJ's of my era out of Detroit. Scratching, fader tricks, etc all while spinning House or Techno. That's how shit is supposed to be, not this bullshit these EDM "DJ's" are doing.
  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    HafBayked wrote: »
    good job dad they still gone fry yo ass lmao

    you cant gun down no kids for stealing on you bruh

    better tighten your jaw up

    actually, no.

    It's called "self defense". In the moment you can't ascertain the age of the assailant, not that it even matters in the slightest, nor can you determine what the motivation or intent is of the perp who just hit you. The assumption will be that they mean to do you great bodily harm for whatever reason and because of that a person is 100% legally justified in responding with deadly force especially if there's several of them. This ain't even a "stand your ground" sort of thing, this is legal self defense.

    In Arizona, A.R.S. 13-404 justifies the use of physical force against another person when a reasonable person would believe physical force is necessary to protect themselves against the other person’s use of physical force. A.R.S. 13-405 speaks towards the justification of using deadly force against another person. Deadly physical force is justified if it is used as defined in A.R.S. 13-404, or when a reasonable person would believe deadly physical force is necessary to protect themselves against the other person’s unlawful deadly physical force. If I'm walking with my wife and a nigga run up and blindside me, it would be a reasonable assumption that my wife and I are in danger. I would be justified in using deadly force against my attacker/s in order to protect not just myself but my wife as well.

    The law is very similar across the country. If a reasonable person would believe their life was in danger after a random attack by a group of teenagers, then deadly force is an appropriate response.
  • Re: Tommy Sotomayor gets punched over the weekend

    5th Letter wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    Cain wrote: »
    Even though I despise this goofy bastard I don't condone pussy ass niggas stealing on people in no circumstances.

    Tommy once said that it's ok for white people to kill young black kids over the knockout game propaganda. He once threatened to put hands on various different black women. So no sympathy here.
    What he say?


    dead at "Jamarquavius"

    But on the real, if there were fatal repercussions for shit like that knock-out game, the shit would stop pretty much immediately. If a muhfucka run up on me and sock me in the face for no goddamned reason and I got the biscuit on me I'm blastin him and his peoples runnin with him. Fuck that, you get to die today 'cause your parents didn't raise you right.
  • Re: Man, I went to jail again....

    700 wrote: »
    just got out two days ago

    got arrested on the 18th of July

    that was a long 23 days

    I only got out cause they lowered my bond at my arraignment




    Plap, you're gonna need a job or two. Here's a list of companies that are known to hire felons:

    When you get your footing, take some classes for a skilled trade or something like that and you should be able to get a better paying job. Take care of your child and leave them streets alone and don't look back.

    ^^^ forreals doe. Your son is gonna end up fatherless to either prison or a bullet if you don't quit fuckin around. You want some other nigga raising your son??? You don't know what kind of chucklefuck your woman might end up with if something happens to you. Fuck around and it's one of those closet pedos and shit. You ready for that to happen bruh??? If even the though of it got you mad then stay mad, get a goddamned job, and leave them streets alone otherwise the possibility of something happening to your son because of your absence becomes a reality.

    ... and get the fuck out of Florida.
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  • Re: I always knew Amerikkkas sweetheart Tomi Lahren was into something.

    I'd eat that sweet racist poosie

    and then, when you're done, she'll cry rape and you'll spend the next 10 years dodging Bubba, Chuey, Da'ronte, and 'nems rape attempts and beatings.
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