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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    Woke up this morning & someone broke in my car smdh. Niggas can't have & enjoy anything without someone trying to hate. Surprisedly, I forgot to lock my doors yesterday but two little petty 2nd generation Ipods were only gone. One of them was already broke; the other one I only use to play music in the car. Even you can get your car broken into in a good neighborhood. Later on, it's time to do my own investigation & vigilante justice.

    My car got broken into in my driveway when I lived near 18 mile and Ryan in Sterling Heights. Went out to the car one morning heading to work and my rear passenger window was blown out and my radio was gone. Called the cops, they came and assessed the damage and took pictures then told me they caught two dudes in the area with a grip of radios. Went to see the detective and he pulled out all the radios they caught 'em with. I spotted mine and he asked if I had any proof I owned it and I told him "There's a CD in the deck with my DJ name, email address, and phone number on it. It's a demo CD I had just burned and was about to send to a promoter". We took it out to my car and I had him plug it up to the wires and the CD ejected with all of my info on it, that sealed their fate 'cause I was the only person to come forward to press charges. I went to every court hearing on the case and when they finally cut a deal I was at their sentencing. Turns out it was two honkies that did it; felt good puttin two white boys in prison. IIRC they got 5-10 years.
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  • Re: Do you guys wear clothes at home?

    Kat wrote: »
    riddlerap wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    I bought me several of those stretchy midi tank dresses to wear around the house. I wear them with nothing underneath. That way I feel covered but it's basically like being naked, and they're sexier than maxi dresses. He likes them.

    post a pic of you in one of these? im having a hard time imagining this. @Kat

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    damn @Kat

  • Re: Is "Snitching" To Get A Lighter Sentence Keeping It Real?

    Everybody in this thread talking that "I ain't snitching" shit must have never watched The First 48. As soon as they get you in the room niggas will snitch on their momma to walk out the station free.

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  • Re: Who Wants To See Nudes????????

    hours later and nothing???

  • Re: the classical throwbacks that the young heads wouldn't understand thread

    SneakDZA wrote: »
    let me set it off like this...


    if you didn't have one of these joints hanging in at least one of your classrooms you're either old and decrepit and possibly dead already or a product of the crack era.

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