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  • Re: Would u smash a 52 year old if she had a phat ass?

    Cain wrote: »
    "Why not? She's only 8000 years younger than me."



    @Cain been around since the Sahara had grass.

    You're older than me though


    you're funny.

    @Cain remembers the Pyramids when they were white marble with gold at the top.
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  • Re: Would u smash a 52 year old if she had a phat ass?

    "Why not? She's only 8000 years younger than me."



    @Cain been around since the Sahara had grass.
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  • Re: The Official IT Thread

    traestar wrote: »
    traestar wrote: »
    I'm going to look into Cyber Security alittle bit, my homie put me up on this

    I think out of all the shit I do in IT, security is my favorite.

    hmm interesting

    When I started studying for my CEH v7/v8 it really got kicked into high gear. I was already doing forensic investigations, DLP, wireless security, and setting up SEIM, but CEH training really got me deeper off into it. Me and one of the cats I worked with during that time would take our laptops out at lunch a couple of times a week and go wardriving to put some of that shit to the test. I was surprised at just how many people were still using WEP encrypted wifi in the neighborhoods near the office. A few times we would sit off at Starbucks or somewhere like that with open wifi and start fucking with people. My favorite back then was compromising an unpatched XP or Win7 machine with metasploit and getting a reverse shell, running MITM with ettercap to watch their web browsing, then fucking with their host file to redirect them to random porn sites if they try to go to something like or some shit (or doing redirects in ettercap itself) and taking screenshots of their desktops using the reverse shell as trophies.

    fun shit. These days I might just set up an open wifi complete with sslstrip and a few other tools just to see who's stupid enough to connect to a ransom open connection. I'd have wireshark running doing a full packet capture and would later throw the pcap into Netwitness just to see what was there. At our old apartment I would jump on their wifi with a spoofed mac address and intercept all images coming across wifi.

    Gotta keep the skills up. Shit may come in handy some day.
  • Re: What was it like when u were broke/lowest?

    This one from Germany...

    u go through all that trouble to post??

    what trouble? I click on a button, I'm in a new country. Shits simple B.
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  • Re: What was it like when u were broke/lowest?

    a nigga gonna cry....

    can't think about those times but constantly reminded.

    it's what makes me push as hard as I do.

    I never want to be there again.

    an friends?
    only really had two an one of them became questionable.

    money never drove me. but it has damn sure showed me.

    only person right by my side the whole time... that big bootied big tittied fine fukka I married and will give my last drop of blood for.

    bout to make her breakfast now

    fukking allergies

    ^^ SMH I don't believe this nigga at all

    he still wear $49 shoes on purpose :joy:

    you forgot the 2ct three row of diamonds eternity wedding band....

    an you a confused Jamaican with two houses an still poor mentally

    that diamond wedding band just makes it even u wearing 2cts of diamonds while rocking Walmart shoes

    yeah bruh u need help with ur money management skills :(

    and SMH @ u calling me a Jamaican like it's an insult

    don't worry about only the two houses I let u know about just cuz they still got u in ur feelings.....meanwhile supposedly I'm the foreigner but u the one out here running scams and shit

    what holds value or real estate? but u talking about a poor mentality while bragging on a diamond ring :joy:

    Bruh... Bill Gates buys suits off the rack at Sears or JC Penney's. Warren Buffet drives an old Lincoln Town Car and shops with coupons. Yet both men easily make more money in an hour than you will likely make in 10 years.
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