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  • Re: I always knew Amerikkkas sweetheart Tomi Lahren was into something.

    I'd eat that sweet racist poosie

    and then, when you're done, she'll cry rape and you'll spend the next 10 years dodging Bubba, Chuey, Da'ronte, and 'nems rape attempts and beatings.
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  • Re: Top Highest Paid DJ's for 2017.......I see a trend

    Cain wrote: »

    These kids>>>>>>>>>everyone on that list

    Sara and Ryusei better than them two.

    5 Grand
  • Re: Summer time question for tha fat boys

    HafBayked wrote: »
    had to call security brah

    my thread was NOT an invite for niggas to drop selfies....shootin at KAT AT THAT


    highly disrespectful cuh, im not havin this shit

    calm down, shit ain't that serious.
  • Re: fair or foul: Husband jailed for raping his wife in her sleep and filming the attacks

    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    Mastery wrote: »
    @Westie @MsSouthern

    I'll give you the filming while she sleep cause that's just plain creepy.

    Other than that, I'm not seeing eye to eye. If we married, there is already a certain level of trust, consensuality, etc built up for us to get to the point of marriage in the first place. If you married me, it means I've already earned the pussy.

    If I'm horny one night and decide to wake you up with dick strokes, rape should be the furthest thing from your mind.

    I'd have the question the mind frame of a woman who wakes up to dick strokes and cries "rape" when it's her husband.


    Show me the law that says a married person cannot be raped and then I'll Agree with you. If she feels like it was rape, he was hiding it and doing something his wife would not approve of, then who am I to argue against that and who are you?

    In California it's illegal to cook and eat a frog that dies in a frog eating contest.
    In Florida it's illegal for a bar to permit a dwarf tossing contest.
    In Alaska it's illegal to be drunk in a bar.
    In Maryland it's illegal to sell non-latex condoms from a vending machine.

    Just because there's a law on the books, doesn't mean it's not a stupid law.

    What's stupid about having a law stating you can't violate someone's body?

    You would prolly argue all night long with my wife. She's got that old-school mentality that states that ain't no such a thing as rape in a marriage unless he/she's beating' you. If one of us is asleep or even passed out from a night of drinking or something, and the other wants to fuck, guess what? We fuckin.

    Her mother is the same way. She said this once during while we were watching some crime/forensic/murder show that had spousal rape as a main focal point:

    "Fuck she cryin rape for??? Shit ain't gonna take more than 5 minutes anyways? Let him get his and go about your business!"

    None of that was my business sir. I'm asking what's stupid about the law?

    many people in this country hold the same mindset when it comes to spousal rape. I'm one of them as is my wife and her mother. Unless you gettin your ass beat and forcibly made to perform some type of sex act, there really ain't a case for rape between husband and wife. When you took vows, you committed yourself to each other and sex is a part of that. If she wants to jump on top of me while I'm asleep with a case of morning wood, that ain't rape no more than it is for me to wake her up with some dick.


    TF is wrong with yall???

    What is this need to own a person? Take their agency and act as if they should have no free will???

    You're telling me you've never once given your man/fuck buddy head while he was asleep so he would wake up and get a fuck session on?

    Can we use the same level of violation.

    ENTERING someones body is different. Would you like to be awoken with a finger in your ass?

    It IS the same level of violation. You put someone's dick in your mouth who had given no indication that this was something they wanted, thus forced that man to penetrate your mouth while he was asleep. Penetration happened, the only thing that's different is who's asleep.

    Legally, oral rape ain't no different than pussy/ass penetration. If consent wasn't given, and you did it anyway, the letter of the law says you're a rapist.
    Chi Snow
  • Re: Shaq - Lavar Ball diss track

    beat is fyrah!

    Crazy that Shaq ain't missed a step after all these years. Jump back in the booth and spit somethin' nice.
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