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  • Re: Ex-WWE Diva Cameron Says That She Only Dates White Men

    and nothing of value was lost.

    Care to explain this?

    She made her choice. A black woman that dates strictly white men is of no value to Black America on a whole. Same for black men that date strictly white.

    Nothing of value was lost here.
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  • Re: Miley Cyrus doesn't listen to hip hop anymore because it's "misogynistic"

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    As others are saying, she used the culture.

    But hip hop, on a whole, is misogynistic.
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    She lost fans when she went crazy.

    But she back to being Hanna Montana.

    P.S. Hip Hop is misogynistic

    Oh cut the crap. Music is misogynistic. There is no genre that is not misogynistic to some extent. Fact of the matter is that these art forms are just extensions of ourselves, and will reflect that. Not every song, every artist is the same, though.

    I don't see her bashing rock for it's depiction of women or classical for the complete absence of women.

    I call super bullshit on the bolded

    Well, your call would be "super wrong". Music is a reflection of the times, society and the people. It's not a difficult concept to understand and there's nothing to debate, so you may as well let sleeping dogs lie.

    So niggas out here murking every nigga, fucking all the bitches and popping every pill known to man?

    Rap, to must ppl is an extensions of what they see themselves as but that's not they are at all. Fantasy.

    Stop stereotyping an entire genre. Common, for example, doesn't rap about any of that. Listen to Common.. or the hundreds of artists like him. The Mainstream does not define hip hop music

    I do.

    Check out what's selling though.

    McDonalds sells billions of burgers a year; that's what's selling. Nobody in their right mind would ever call that bullshit a quality product. Meanwhile places like In and Out, Five Guys, Fudruckers, and the like exist where you can get actually good food.

    Meaning that you didn't have to consume bullshit just 'cause everybody else is. You have the option to consume a quality product instead of some garbage but the decision to do so is squarely on you. Just because something sells a lot doesn't make it any good... It just means it's cheap and accessible. Radio hip hop is just that; Cheap and accessible.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    But was it Native Indian or East Indian?

    She's a designated-shitting-street red dot Indian.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    aiight... somebody editing my posts and shit...
  • Re: SOOO Not an Arrestable Offense! What Do You Think?

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    Co-sign...she knew where his ass was at and it wasn't his first offense at 13.

    Get in the house before lockdown or I'll see you when I get up.

    You would do that to your daughter?

    we did it to our daughter and she was 17-18 at the time. You have a curfew, I need to hear keys in that lock before then or you better call with a damned good excuse or figure out who crib you crashin at.

    She got it right after the 3rd time she got locked out.

    Now if your daughter got raped then what? And this bitch had no control over her child he kicked a trash can and left after she told him to come in I wouldve grabbed my belt and reminded my child who running shit. Lazy bitch.

    But she didn't, so your question is irrelevant.
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