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  • Re: How Tall Are You?


    I'll leave this here.
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  • Re: Dude Gets Killed Over Running A Train After Chick Lies And Says She Was Raped

    Westie wrote: »
    7figz wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    7figz wrote: »
    Going to repost this comment for the selective-reading types:
    I don't think a reasonable person would disregard rape simply because of the length of time, moreso the provability (?) of it after such a long time.

    And on another note, l would imagine less people would be against people who "come forward" if they protected the identity of the accused the way they do the accuser, in case it's proven false, and also punished false accusers appropriately.

    ... and furthermore, who in here is arguing that the system isn't flawed ? It seems to me that some are just willing to ignore and not discuss - the flaws that don't support their arguments.

    I agree with everything you stated for the most part.

    The problem is, a lot of people say that victims who don't come forward right away are less believable. It's been Implied in this thread.

    Why is it though, you feel that people accused of rape should be protected? Because of the stigma? Do you feel the same way about accused murderers or anybody committing a crime? Because I don't recall seeing anyone's identity protected aside from minors when it comes to them Being accused of committing crimes.

    Honestly people are going to doubt whatever they want so fuck the doubt. It's all about the evidence, and as time passes there's probably more chance for the evidence to be lost - that's where the bigger problem is.

    As far as the accused being protected, it's because it's not proven yet. Once it's proven it's whatever. If they can protect the accuser's identity, they should also be able to protect the accused. As far as comparing it to other crimes, they already treat rape differently by protecting the accuser, so why not ?

    Think of the instances where it's proven false, and the accused's reputation is fucked up. And add that to the false accuser probably won't even face a penalty.

    Well they protect the accusers identity because they are the assumed Victim of a crime. An assumed perpetrator doesn't get that courtesy. I just don't understand what the difference would be because if you are assumed to be a murderer your reputation will be scarred no matter what. Look at OJ.

    the news reports on crime stories all the time, and reports on the names. The likelihood that someone is being accused of rape falsely is small percentage so why should everyone get that protection? If you think that no one's business should be published I would understand. But just for the specific type of crime there's a problem?

    That's why. It makes no sense to name the person accused publicly for something as heinous as rape. This is a whole different category of crime where just the accusation alone can completely destroy your life. A nigga can bounce back from being accused of murder, drug dealing, RICO Act shits, robbery, arson, whatever.. but rape??? You might as well go find a chick to rape for real if you're ever accused of it. There's a shitton of cases all over the world that illustrate just what happens to a man accused of rape. You can lose everyone in your life, including family, just from being accused of rape. As I pointed out earlier in this thread, bruh man from Bachelor lost his job over that accusation.

    Let the accused be convicted before naming him/her publicly.

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  • Re: How Sugar Affects The Brain

    7figz wrote: »
    7figz wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    It's been a full week since I cut sugar, along with most carbs and alcohol. Down 13 lbs, which is crazy.

    We are being played. These MFers are essentially controlling us with sugar.

    Are you using artificial sweeteners instead ? I hear some fucked up stuff about aspartame and sucralose.

    Aspartame almost caused GD Searle and it's president, Donald Rumsfeld, to get hit with criminal charges from the FDA back in the 70's. Rummy got lucky when Ronald Reagan got elected 'cause he was appointed to the transition team that made appointments for the FDA. He installed some cats that he knew would approve aspartame and a bit over a year later we had NutraSweet gumballs being delivered to random addresses across the country.

    I can't drink or eat anything that has aspartame, neotame, sucralose, or acesulfame potassium in it. All four of them cause me to have GI issues and they all cause my kidneys to ache something serious. Then there's the nasty ass taste that all of them have... I don't know how anyone can get past that shit.

    There's a long list of side effects people have reported from consuming artificial sweeteners. YOur best bet is to leave that shit alone and just stick to sugar.

    You ain't even lying about those side-effects fam. So many products have that bullshit in there, it pisses me off. Just about anything that you see that says "Sugar-Free" will have sucralose in it - if not aspartame.

    Shit is annoying as fuck especially when you're buying something that you don't even need sugar for, like gym supplements or some shit where you can sweeten it your own way.

    Companies have been slipping them sweeteners into EVERYTHING lately. Even shit that isn't marked as low calorie foods can have it in there. I accidentally bought a case of Mountain Dew's "Game Fuel" yesterday, mistaking it for Code Red. Figured the shit couldn't be too much different so I had a can... Then that taste hit me after the first gulp. I looked at the can and, sure enough, sucralose AND acesulfame potassium are listed. Poured it out and the rest of it is going out in the trash later today.

    I've been drinking Faygo since I was a kid. Faygo's Arctic Sun from back in the 90's was my SHIT; I usually kept 2L and 20oz bottles in the fridge. All the way up to 2014 I had my kids hooked on various Faygo flavors. Then one day I go into the spot to cop a few bottles for the fam and from the first sip of cola I knew they fucked with it. Checked the ingredients and, sure as shit, acesulfame potassium and sucralose.

    Hawaiian Punch was a staple since being a yute. Not anymore, it's got sucralose in it. When we moved to Phoenix we discovered the deliciousness that is Tampico drinks. Somewhere around 2010 they added sucralose to it and fucked it all up.

    My family has stopped buying so much shit due to these companies adding artificial sweeteners unnecessarily that we're even side-eyeing juices and "natural" fruit drinks. We found that Minute Maid added sucralose to all of their juice blends and certain Tropicana blends have it. Even my kids stop to check the ingredients before buying juices and pop now because of it.

    Whoop Whoop

    don't ever quote me...

  • Re: 25 Yr Old PHilly Rapper PNB Rock gets 15yr Old Girl Pregnant (3 IC posters Exposed As Pedos On Pg.6)

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    Just realized when hov was in his 20s b was 7/8 :# it don't matter now though

    That's one of the things that always has me questioning cats that get 'em young like that. If you 40, and your woman is 20, when YOU were 20 she hadn't even been conceived yet. Like, how do you alter your thinking to where it's ok to fuck with a chick who wasn't even born or was in diapers the first time you stepped foot up in the club and ordered your first drink legally?
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