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  • Re: Active shooter at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

    wife showed me a post on her FB from someone that was there and getting shot at. He claimed there were shooters at Tropicana, MGM, and New York New York and he saw shots from all of them. Said immediately before the shots some dude set off firecrackers right next to him and a within seconds the first volley of shots were let off. He and his gf managed to get away towards Tropicana but shots were coming from there as well and they could see muzzle flashes from each of the aforementioned properties.

    This is also in line with the initial reports from the ground. The idea is now there's a cover up because LV can't afford to lose tourism dollars behind this.
  • Re: What's The Worst Sex Partner You've Ever Had?

    Woat head I let this fine ass Megan fox looking white bitch with braces top me in undergrad. shit was like getting face from a ninja blender while trapped in a washing machine.

    Woat sex I was dating this fine ass African aka in undergrad and on spring break I smashed like 3 of her homegirls... Well smashed two got top from one... Fuck it I used to be a scumbag. So whole time during sb one of her baddest homegirls a cheerleader at my undergrad was flirting and eyeing me all wk at the beach. So we exchanged number on some ninja shit. Soon as we get back from campus she hmu asking me what I'm doing... So she come thru to my apt. Breh when I tell you this bitch was so fine and had a body that belongs in ill-pix. Box=trash head= trash fuck game=trash

    It was like Ol dude said earlier about the Cambodian jump on some biblical shit 1st thotlonians 3:17 "for it is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than a nigga to pass thru the opening of this bitch slot" shit was stupid tight not in a good way either. So she couldn't take dick then when we finally got a slight amount of dick in and start stroking she start convulsions and shit like she possessed. So I'm like how bout u get on top... So she get on top she doing that bullshit scoot motion on just the head giving my thighs Indian burn while making my balls uncomfortable af. So I'm like fuck this... I flip her over I'm going to hit from the back... Every time I get in...and get one stroke in she'd arch her back like a frightened alley cat or slide down into a puddle of wasted time and crushed scum bag dreams. So eventually I short stroke my way to a nut and send her on her way.

    A wk later the African chick found out I smashed her cheerleader friend and began to stalk me crying and shit outside my door and the cheer friend was stalking me trying to get me to smash again for the next few then I got the campus reputation of fucking the shit out of bitches and making them crazy which endeared me to the hoes and jump offs but all the wifey types were too afraid to fuck with me.

    Crazy shit was the African aka must've been low key jealous of the cheer chick because she didn't give a fuck that I smashed her best friend and another one of her homegirls during spring break but she was made af that I smashed the cheer chick. Oh well...

  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

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