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  • Re: New Lupe Fiasco Single: Around My Way + Lupe's Response to Pete Rock

    you motherfuckas bitch about everything. excellent track from the 2nd best rapper right now. (esco #1)
  • Re: Nas - Daughters

    H-Rap 180 wrote: »
    I see what Nas is doing and I respect it.

    "The Don" was some straight cultural Afrikan-Jamaican boom-bap projects & pyramids, Beats-&-Rhymes to show us that he aint on that bullshit Euro-Techno-Homo-Emo-Mullatto shit thats infested the culture.

    "Black Girl Lost 2"
    was some ish for the Sistas on some straight Black woman empowerment shit to show that the White-Bitch movement in Hip-Hop is not the musical direction Nas is going in.

    "Daughters" is the follow up to the Black Family saga Nas incorporated in his discography, hes the only rapper that has a song with his Father, a song with his Brother, a song with his Wife, a song dedicated to his Mother and now a song dedicated to his Daughter. Thats the Black family, next song will be about his Sun, Knight.

    The cultural awareness that Nas is keeping alive within the culture is appreciated. he makes music for our community first and foremost without worrying about some cross-over shit or that grafted shit or that overseas-Euro shit.

    I love the science behind his moves and what they represent.

    excellent post! With all the hate "black girl lost 2" received, I thought i was the only one who noticed what he did.

    _Goldie_H-Rap 180*~queenbee~*