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  • Re: Lines where the rapper ethered himself

    Baby/Big Tymers-#1 Stunna
    "I like to fuck em (him?) in they ass while he up in the pussy..."

    When I heard that shit I was like wtf, nah, Im interpreting this shit wrong...

    Then I see these niggaz kissin. Head tilted, eyes closed and everything, and it all started makin sense.

    He says, "I like to fuck 'em in they ass while he beat up the pussy."

    In other words double-penetration on a freak bitch.

    Y'all niggas like the no homo police out this bitch. Some of y'all niggas really must be gay, insecure or homo-curious the amount y'all be reaching on lines where the intent is quite clear.
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  • Re: This Ghetto Gagger sh!t is borderline rape. I feel sorry for this chick>

    I understand donkey is the idgaf no holds barred arena of the IC. But in all seriousness...

    Look, I don't know the situation but I feel like you witness, live, the chick coming to the realization that her life will forever be marred by this footage. And to some people, herself included probably, no amount of explaining that will explain this away. Somewhat like when someone's driving drunk for the umpteenth time and for the first time actually gets pulled over and comes to the realization of the consequences of a DUI. Only this, to most, is far worse.

    You can say what you want, but no one knows they've sold their soul until its sold.

    What we witnessed was seller's remorse.

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