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  • Re: If BIG was still u think him & JAY-Z would still be down with each other?

    Glad someone finally made this thread. Walk with me for a moment...

    A while back, Marvel Comics created this parallel universe called the "Age of Apocalypse" where Professor X died before creating the X-Men and the mutant Apocalypse took over the world. Perhaps the most ironic twist in this alternate universe was that, Magneto--whom was still alive--ended up adopting Professor X's ideals and put together a collective of mutants to try to fight Apocalypse.

    Not to say we're living in a parallel universe where Big wasn't supposed to die, but I oftentimes wonder had he lived, would their careers/relationship played out like the modern day Marvel comics that we know--where Professor X and Magneto fight against one another. Only now, Jig ended up adopting Big's role as KONY whereas if Big were alive, he would have played the primary nemesis. Not to be corny, but Jig did somewhat allude to this on "City is Mine" where he said, "you held it down long enough, lemme take those reigns."

    In other words, I think Big and Jig most definitely would have eventually beefed on wax...but still had an unsaid respect for one another. Real talk, you can hear it on Brooklyn's Finest and I Love the Dough, they're not going after one another, but they most definitely are trying to one-up one another verse after verse. Both are from Brooklyn and there can be only one king. More broader, Jay-Z, as we now know, had much bigger aspirations than being just a talented MC that only heads that knew hip-hop gave props. There's no way he'd have emerged from under Big's shadow without some sort of showdown.
  • Re: What the dopest opening lines in hiphop

    So many battlefield scars while driven in plush cars
    This life as a rap star is nothin without God
    Was born rough and rugged
    Addressin the mass public, my attitude is fuck it
    These muthafuckas love it
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