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  • Re: Anyone try online store "Brandless"?

    bout to check it out now.. have you or you just posting
  • Re: Lorenzen Wright Ex Wife Has Been Charged With Murder

    A minster. a self help novelist..


    you know what sounds about right
    Go figureMaywoodblack caesarYoung Stef
  • Re: The FINAL 2017 Official FALL/WINTER Pic Thread: Series Finale

    MsSouthern bout to start that gofundme


    this nigga madoff with those funds..and is tryin to bring back the finesse
  • Re: The FINAL 2017 Official FALL/WINTER Pic Thread: Series Finale

    MsSouthern wrote: »

    So the infection in my foot has spread to my bones. I'm having surgery tomorrow afternoon

    I Don't ask for much here but I'll take any prayers and positive vibes from anyone right now

    My family and friends are such an amazing team. Don't know what I'd do with out them.....

    Stay up @MsSouthern hoping for a speedy recovery stay positive
  • Re: Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal Thread - Harvey , Kevin, Andy etc

    This some bullshit

    Yea,, how bout some fucking accountability from the women.. who is enamored by the man in power an wants to advance their fucking careers... you dont have to have a phd to be accountable.. There are some women who put themselves in these positions because they can see benefit from it. This is taught.. whether explicitly or not.. Character is way down on the list of important factors when choosing to engage in any type of relationship sadly.

    There is a lot of scheming going on.. in some cases where it simply breaks down to ass for cash.. within that dynamic there are many branches where its more nuanced.. buts its the same shit.

    There are prob some jilted lovers, bitter women

    How would demanding accountability from these women look like though?

    Seems like there has been concerted effort to encourage ppl to speak up and say no. Also seen a lot of the ppl coming forward criticized for not coming forward sooner

    Which some women (and men) did in a lot of instances and they were punished for it

    And moving forward if we are to help change the culture shouldn't the onus be on the ppl in positions of power and authority to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism opposed to someone trying to pursuit their dreams and/or make a living

    Im talking about accountability in ones actions... there nothing to be done about holding people accountable for the game they are willing to play though.

    And of course the people culture needs to change but can you trust people to. nope.. people really never change.. but you can not play the game to begin with for those.. that played the game.. not speaking to those that were flagrantly wronged/abused. Going forward we cant count on people willing to break the law/conduct/morality or what have you to stop their practices but we can put measures in place to make people accountable for those breaches.. but again for appropriate situations people need to have self accountability.. and something ive said often ... ambition for the sake of material gain and ambition shouldnt be your guiding light.