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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 4 Thread (In Production)

    Ghost is the smartest and the most sloppiest person at the same damn time.
    Milan is a whole different beast from Lobos

    I see a lot of parallels going on though. Where in season 1 & 2 he had stern & lobos to deal with now season 3 and beyond he has Milan and Bassett who are more smarter and more powerful than the former two

    and Kanan is still a thorne in his side
    Louis Devinearloch121
  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    This dude Kevin Owens is stale. Very overrated
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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 2 Discussion (June 6, 9pm ET) WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE

    props to that dude @warriorrich dude came through with the synopsis and was right on
    Masterynot_osirus_jenkinsValentinez A. KaiserAP21CP203
  • Re: New Jay Z - Open Letter (prod. by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland)

    good shit Hov
  • Re: Saigon Says He Hasn't Seen A Change After President Obama's Election

    jono wrote: »
    I'm more a fan of Saigon than Obama and i think his criticisms are fair but ultimately, this congress is the worst congress of all time.

    These people in washington only exacerbate the problems this country has, and it's not just them, these states are just as obtuse. Look at all these states that refuse to help their own citizens just because Obama is president, states like Texas, Florida, Ohio etc are dare I say even being vengeful to the citizens because Obama won again.

    Now they pulling out all the stops. Don't be a fool and believe republicans are destroying themselves, they are actually quite galvanized. They are changing everything from voting rights to how electoral college votes are distributed in order to guarantee themselves another win. Even if it doesn't get them the White House it can overrun state governments and keep them in power where it counts.

    Obama had a democratic majority in both houses of congress the first two years of his presidency he could have done anything he wanted. But he spent all of his political capital on health care and the stimulus package, which was not by mistake, because wall street financed his campaign and health insurance/ pharmaceutical companies and wall street go hand and hand. So for eveyone saying that this congress terrible and is blocking him from doing what he wants thats not fully true because he could have pushed an entire agenda through congress in those two years. Everybody else who helped obama get elected got what they want through executive orders and his cabinet.

    obama's foreign policy was implemented without congress
    obama's spy program was implemented without congress
    the gay agenda
    the list goes

    In other words Obama can get shit done without the help of congress
    Obama is doing a great the people that REALLY got him elected

    This isn't the worst congress ever. Thats what the media wants you to believe, because their agenda is to distract you from aggregating some time of political power for your own.

    Everyone is playing their roles from the congress, to the president