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  • Re: Why We Must Destroy and Rebuild Exhibit A#... KRS vs PM Dawn ( told by Kool Kim)

    judahxulu wrote: »
    shareef242 wrote: »
    judahxulu wrote: »
    shareef242 wrote: »
    At the time KRS caught a lot of bad press for what he did. I don't condone what he did but understand why. Not only did Prince Bee have that quote about KRS but he said "Chuck D is the master of making mountains out of molehills!"
    That left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth. Before PM Dawn had they own little lane & nobody bothered them!

    At the end of the day the nigga was RIGHT though... That was HIS intervies he should be able to say whatever the fuck he wanna say just like anyone else.

    Right about what? It's his opinion. In which he got his ass beat for it. Again I'm not for what KRS did. However nobody made Prince say what he said. It was totally unprovoked for where i sit.

    Right about implying KRS One not really teaching shit and of Chuck D being extra about small subjects in the broader scope of things. And that pretty much is the legacy of "conscious" rap. That was the seed of its opposite, that gangsta shit gaining momentum. 2 sides to one coin. Aside from the obvious corporate corruption ( Def Jam your fucking thread is next!) there has to be something patently wrong with certain "industry archetypes" for their successors to be so ineffectual at balancing the market and actually having some kind of regenerative effect on the environment of their people. Statistic strongly suggest an association between black on black murders, sexual dysfunction and other degenerative practices within the so-called black community from where rap music sprung in the first place. Ignorant rappers die, killed, and get locked up to prove the authenticity of their subject matter while most "conscious" artists dont want to be identified as such and dont do shit but complain and circle jerk on how intellectually superior they are while their sons fucking kill each other and burn down their own goddamn neighborhoods.

    I'm sorry but i think your reaching!
    Soloman_The_Wiseilledout[Deleted User]
  • Re: R&B Veteran Robert Poindexter Calls Out Kanye West & Bow Wow For Sampling His Song

    This is the new part of the game i.e. (lawyers). Now they trying to sue over mixtapes. You see how he cleverly tried to say mixtapes aint like back in the day. You couldn't sue over using samples in mixtapes back in the day. It's basically like a form of parody. Now with music not selling quite like it use to they trying squeeze blood from a stone with the mixtapes now.
  • Re: Now that 2012 is ending I present to you the tracklist for Life is Good: Album of the Year Edition!

    Nah Son wrote: »
    That Reach Out joint is wack too

    GKMC > LIG

    No sir. IMO.
    SneakDZAbuttuh_brip.dillaNah Son
  • Re: Nas or Nelly? Whose career would you rather have??

    Nelly had an incredible six year run:
    -two albums that sold nearly 10 million copies a piece
    -two albums released on the same day that occupied both the #1 and #2 Billboard 200 spots. Both went on to sell 3 million a piece
    - a platinum remix album
    - a platinum re-release of the albums he released on the same day on one disc
    - some pretty big singles

    After 2006, his career hasn't been the same.

    Nas has:

    - 7 platinum albums
    - 2-3 gold selling albums
    - one of his albums is considered one of the best albums ever
    - a solidified position amongst the greatest rappers ever

    Nelly did more in a shorter period of time in terms of sales. He lacks the longevity and acclaim though. Nas is still releasing #1 albums that are critically acclaimed 18 years since his debut. No disrespect, but Nelly with assistance from Fergie and Pop hits like "Just A Dream" isn't doing that in about 10 years since his debut.

    If it's a matter of longevity, sales AND acclaim, then it's easily Nas. If it's just a matter of just sales, then it's Nelly.

    Nelly has had a hell of career. He's Hall of Fame eligible. Nas is first ballot.
    [Deleted User]
  • Re: Nas - Daughters

    shareef242 wrote: »
    I love the song, but is it going to get any radio play?!?

    I have heard The Don 3 times- and they were all mid-Saturday spins on HOT 97.

    Out here in Cali, it's like Nas don't even exist right now. Def Jam hasn't been playin' that payola game much lately for God's Son... smh...

    I think it can get airplay but out of all the singles it seem "The Don" has the most radio potenial. A song like "Daughters" goes again all the weak shit and message-less shit that the radio be pushing. Consious hip hop has systemaically been takin off the radio. Props to NaS anyway. As for the video, as long as Destiny is in it, it might turn out cool:


    NaS post another behind the scene photo, it's amazing this is the most active NaS has been on social networking his whole career. He's really reaching out to his fans.

    I agree with this, but as I have said, I just haven't heard it anywhere. Has it not been added into rotation as a single yet or what?

    As for "Daughters" I don't expect it to be a giant hit, but females may feel this track enough to request it. I know that a lot of dudes will be feelin' this track on a personal level, but they won't be the ones phoning in to hear it on radio...

    It has been ten years since Nas was played on the radio in my area (they ain't played shit since "I Can"). It would be nice if his artistic quality would be recognized just for a couple months while the hype for the album builds.

    All I wish for is a little balance.

    At this point in his career I just want an above average album with strong production. Which we haven't got since God Son or Stillmatic. He's a Gold artist Tops now! I think if the Video is done well it could get the most air play for a single since "I Can".

    Hip Hop is Dead had great production IMO... Outside of a couple of tracks like Who Killed It, I'm Not Going Back, and Hope being acapella, most of the beats were on point. I don't understand the knock that album gets production wise...

    Add Play on Playa, Blunt Ashes, Hold down the Block, Carry on Tradition are below average or just plain boring beats.
    pop duke