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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Alot of NFL players are some bitches
    Inglewood_Bnorthside7dnyce215MallyGChi Snow2stepz_aheadeastbay510blacktux
  • Re: Kanye West transforming into Rob Kardashian

    I Wonder Bread
    Devil In A New Dressing
    Hell Of A Loaf
    Touch The Pie
    My Way Homefries
    Late Indigestion

    LMAO @ Late Indigestion
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  • Re: Recording Studio Internships?

    bkkbully wrote: »
    I did two audio internships while I was in university, each lasting for a year and a half. The first internship was for a digital media studio and gallery space in NYC which included doing udio production for film, sound installation for art exhibitions, setting up mics at press conferences, micing interviewers and interviewees, making music for radio introductions - basically a crash course in all things audio. It blew my mind because I was coming from a music studio perspective, but opened my eyes to how many jobs there are involving audio.

    The second internship was a no frills, Grammy award winning studio filled to the brim with experience and knowledge in all things for engineering music. Platinum engineers, producers, and artists from all genres rolled through, but mostly hip hop and R&B. I was able to listen, watch, and experience the creation of several dope albums, with a few Grammy winning singles. and then hear them on the radio four months later. We had to learn several Neve and SSL boards, and set up session for high end clients, and if you were dope you would be in the session running the patchbay.

    These type of internships are extremely valuable. In my case, I learned to use a wide range of audio gear with the quickness, know which microphones are best for the environment, and became used to being competitive among the tier of professionals. You figure out which kind of sound engineer you want to be. I originally wanted to be a sound engineer for music, but went to university for sound design for film, and now I'm overseas working as sound engineer for tech firms and starting my own digital media imprint at the end of the year.

    Be ready to work your ass off. This isn't an easy career path. Use your internships to be a better engineer and most importantly, a better communicator. Keep your (ears) eyes open and stay with the pace of the game, it moves fast but if you're smart and realise that audio is used for almost everything - you'll always have a job. Let me know if I can help with anything.

    Alot of jewels brother thank you. From my perspective, I'm currently interested for the networking opportunities. I'm also a music producer, so sound engineering is not much of a strength of mines. However, I'm willing to learn more about it, although folks have a clear cut vision and path strictly for sound engineering, paying massive amounts of money for audio schools so I feel like in that field I would be disadvantaged.
  • Re: Tay K just dropped the album of the year!!

    People not gonna admit on the IC, but the Race one the catchest songs of the year.
  • Re: XXXfuckboi out here looking like methhead Charlie Villanueva

    i ro ny wrote: »
    what i think about when i see shit like this is the underlying ripples...

    the guy whos trying to come out and break thru with substance and lyrics that doesnt do these types of antics is going to have a very hard time catching steam. they gotta stay the course and play the long game...

    Big Krit is the first name that popped up