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  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread

    If true, she a wack bitch for that. Hope he get custody of their son too.

    Yea my sister met her before, and said she is an asshole. Fucked up on her part.
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  • Re: Jaden Smith ready to takeover the game Nov 17th

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Album trailer

    I'm buying this album.

    Maaaaaan y'all heard that George Jefferson beat?

    Jaden is the rap game Trunks!!
  • Re: Big K.R.I.T. "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time" (10/27)

    lazypakman wrote: »
    This album is dominating my life at the moment, for me it's up there with Return of 4eva, i bought that on vinyl and i'll pick up this up too, and i think it'll probably be my album of the year.I really can't think of a better produced album that's come out, or anyone else who has impressed me as much on the mic, to me there isn't a single misstep on here.

    I find him such an oddity in hip hop, how he hasn't blown up like the others in his class is beyond me.

    Dude is too real and didn't have any special Jimmy ivine connections and shit. Real hip hop fans know what's up with Krit.
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  • Re: CAW CAW! "The Official 2017 New Orleans Pelicans Thread"

    AP21 wrote: »
    silverfoxx wrote: »
    My brother im telling you just watch AD periemeter D and help defense next game. Come back and tell me what you see. Im praying dude converts back to his effort from last year which he was on the all defense team.

    Natually AD should be better on defense, he is still biting on pump fakes and shit. Dude should be more advanced and have a higher defensive IQ.

    the thing is, it sounds like you are blaming him for the mistakes of others in the scheme. If he is blowing his assignment, thats one thing, but if he trying to direct everyone where they should go and they dont do that, whose fault is that?

    I am honestly blaming him. AD is not as vocal on the defense standpoint. I can make a argument that losing Solo was a huge blow to our defensive schemes because he was the main communicator. AD lack of of leadership is not something new, he spoked about trying to improve it this season in media day, as well as Gentry. Example, when AD goes up for a rebound, dude is not vocal communicating that he has it, which in the case at times creates turnovers . I just don't ever see AD being the team leader he should have been at this point, it's not a mistake that Boogie is carrying us in winnng games this season while AD is doing his traditional Demigod empty stat line that doesn't contribute to winning basketball which he has been doing before Boogie got here. Dude started the season off last year averaging like 38 ppg in the first 5 games or something and we still lost all of them. I just don't see AD being that guy that knows how to win games yet as a leader.

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