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  • Re: Is cardio important?

    i walk n jog to build tendon bone n muscle strength regularity and density as well as lung depth
  • Re: The official Gun/Firearm discussion/appreciation thread

    I got the 45 s&w black stock 1911

    The SK automatic g dep larson

    And the chrome Desert eagle.

    Plus the loc spinner.

    Happy man.
    A Ghost
  • Re: Who Your Top Five Hip Hop Groups of All Time

    jurassic 5
    4 Horseman
    Intelligent_Hoodlum blatalianBusta Carmichael Solitary Soldier
  • Re: Bars.

    Punctuating functionally, exceptionally adept with gumption, succum to these,
    guess work aint comeing like the model called off with pregnacy,
    functioning like lunch money, you spent all your bars on sandwiches
    meanwhile im in the cockpit of something that looks like a mannquein
    Punches like Manny while you lunchin Permanis sandwiches
    F u up so hard youll b praying to the sand witches
    harder then losing youre money to an abandned kid
    selling raps shooting craps and looking over a damaged rib
    saluting the principle of upper class kidding you not not kidding at all
    hopping the bar then knocking you off rapidly socking your jaw
    cautioned at all factionsll fall when i crack a few stars
    happily spark like a fat girl who was drafted and tall
    jolting the sign when my name up in lights looking like sparkles when it flamed and lit up the night
    punching the best rappers worst rapper friend at the same time
    to let him know that it isnt easy being a ghostwriter
  • Re: Bars.


    Liquid flowetry encripted scripted as written poetry
    lifting domes, mcs could never diagnose the potentcy
    glowing trees dont smoke but grow with me
    openening, and closing closed open openings
    hitting the flows doper than lit, flow is the biff
    hoping throwin down and tearing it up will give ya dome lift
    ferocious in fits ferociously fitting feriociousness to those it befits
    joking appropatly appropreates doe and the chips
    musically domeing those with the spit
    caroding hopefulls hopefully spitting inaproprate