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  • Re: Alabama rapper Bambino Gold and his cousin Skooly Wit Da Tooly have been missing since Nov. 5,

    RickyRich wrote: »
    Alabama rapper Bambino Gold and his cousin Skooly Wit Da Tooly have been missing since Nov. 5, and now, Skooly's mother is begging police for help.
    According to, Bambino Gold, born Edward Reeves, and Skooly Wit Da Tooly, born Kendrick Stokes, were reported missing on Nov. 7 in Alabama. "They just vanished into thin air," said Stokes' mother, Felicia Stokes Webster. "It's very devastating."
    Cousins by marriage, Stokes and Reeves, who both originally hail from Montgomery, Ala., were last seen at the Sky Bar in their hometown. Stokes was in town to promote a party when Reeves came to town the next day. The two then left Stokes' house to attend the Alabama National Fair. "A lot of people saw them there," Stokes' mother said.

    The two then made their way back to Atlanta but made a stop at a friend's house at 10:55 p.m. According to the friend, the cousins were supposed to return but when they didn't he tried calling Reeves' cell phone. Other members of the family also tried calling but the calls went straight to voicemail.

    "Between 11:30 p.m. and 1 a.m., something happened between that time,'' Webster said. "What happened, we don't know." The two were last seen driving a 2016 white Honda CRV with a Georgia license plate.

    Stokes' mother also made her way to Atlanta to plead with the police department, WKYC reports. In a letter sent to the APD, Webster wrote: "We request a meeting with the department with all deliberate speed to support us in resolving our concern. Please be in communication with Mr. Bartell and assist us with this urgent and critical matter for our family."
    The family is now asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 334-215-STOP.

    Been going on two weeks since they been gone....expect the worst but hope for the best
    Peezy_JenkinsMallyGKoltraindamnkpaneed1235 GrandCashmoneyDuxMrCrookedLetterChi SnowEmM HoLLa.
  • Re: Reversing aging

    Everything gotta expiration date people need to get over that.
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  • Re: Young_Chitlin general protection and safety thread

    Naw if you serious going to jail.aint gon help your girl.and newborn.
    Young_ChitlinJoshuaMoshua  onetoughmiracle
  • Re: It's over for DJ Envy body bag!

    I taking she sliding in this interpretation..just proves you can't be famous ando monogamous
    Revolver OcelotTHE_R_CashmoneyDuxKid Dynasty
  • Re: Walgreens is closing 600's over?

    Walgreens plans to close about 600 drugstores as it completes a $4.38 billion deal to buy nearly 2,000 from rival Rite Aid.

    Company spokesman Michael Polzin said Wednesday that most of the closings will be Rite Aid stores, and the vast majority will be within a mile of another store in the Walgreens network.

    Walgreens isn’t saying which stores will close.

    Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., based in Deerfield, Ill., announced its acquisition plan last month, nearly two years after the nation’s biggest drugstore chain launched an attempt to buy all of Rite Aid Corp., based in Camp Hill, Pa. Regulators balked at that bigger deal.

    The store closures will start next spring and be completed over 18 months. Walgreens operates more than 13,200 stores worldwide.

    From USA Today
    Go figure wrote: »
    They open too many damn locations. Always thought it was a matter of time before they have 2 across the street from each other.

    so basically they closing the rite aid across from the walgreens? genius.
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