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  • Re: 50 and Effen part ways

    60 mill....damn still the man homiee!!!
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  • Re: What is the best way to find a new job?

    Fosheezy wrote: »
    Smh 3 offers on the table. All within the same day of course. And each one of would be a potential good fit for what i'm trying to do with my career. I am undecided and never really dealt with this before.

    2 of the offers is in finance and the other one is in design. There's things I really like (but don't love) about working in finance and there are things I love (but don't necessarily like) about design. The design offer isn't paying what my true market value is, but the guy was at least willing to bump up the starting pay to my minimum pay requirements, also with guaranteed room for growth as well. It's not a super cool name brand company like Nike or nothing - just a mom and pop shop basically, but after talking to the guy I became sympathetic to what he's trying to do (the business would really benefit from having a candidate like me with my skill set on board and he wants them to stick around) and told him i'd accept the offer for the position to start next week.

    Soon after I left the interview I check my email and 2 other people reach out to me with offers - one of which was referred to me by brother at church - in a field I've been shooting for the past few weeks with no luck until now. I'm pretty sure both the offers have way higher earning potential from the gate. I want to at least see what the offers is all about with respect to them both considering me for the opportunity, but I'm feeling some kinda way since I pretty much already gave the other dude a commitment to start (although no guarantees to stay long term).

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this. What NOT to do in this situation? I already emailed one of the lady's and told her to call me today.

    I would follow up on all job offers as far as you can or at least for enough time for you to decide what you really want.

    Me personally, and this is coming from a job hopper so take it for what it is....I would take the offer that starts first just to get some money rolling in and if something better comes along jump ship and go with that.

    but if you got some kinda personal moral issue with that then go with what feels right to you.
  • Re: The official "Life has gotten better" Thread

    lost a decent job this back in february...worked a string of shit jobs...starting another decent joint this monday.....

    to everyone in anything just stay persistent.
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  • Re: The "Oregon Trail" Generation: A cross of Generation X and Millennial......

    Fosheezy wrote: »
    It was either Oregon Trail or Number Munchers

    That ping pong game arkanoid
  • Re: How is a chick with 6 kids by 6 dudes

    Most be some GOAT pussy

    I swear to god dudes on the J.O.B. be saying the same thang......older cats be like you can tell by the way she walk she got some good pussy... and her ass is that off with the fact she is actually pretty in the face, sexy voice , and a good personality....lemme stop.

    I can't be 7.

    Naw I'm really trying to stop the spread of her business so her daughter don't got to zeal with that

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