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  • Re: Official 2013-14 NBA Thread

    Ahhhh.... What did I say last year? I hoped Rose got hurt this year for not bringing his monkey ass back and playing.... (not 1000% serious, but i said it)

    Everybody got upset.... Looks like god agreed with me.

    #Karma.... #DontTemptFate .... #LeaveItInGODShands #APcameBackYearQuickerAndStillTicking #HeTrustedInGOD

    Hopefully Derrick learned his lesson and will get ready for the START of next season...
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  • Re: Revolt TV Launch Thread

    What's the channel for DirecTv ?

    It's only on Timewarner and Comcast in LA, Chicago and NY right now.... best bet is for now

    But yooooooooooooooooo.... This is like the 2nd video they played after Biggie Juicy..... Tell me this shit isn't CRAZY!!!! (Diddy might be on to something.... play Underground videos that are out of this world that you wouldn't see ANYWHERE else.... Artists are going to submit they music for the exposure... he could be on to something cus I'm impressed by this video and I'm a very closed minded nigga when it come to music (gucci or foh)

  • Re: Kanye West Is Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise At His Concerts.. SMDH...

    the day you read the headline, "Kanye west caught sucking dick in broad daylight on a park bench in Manhattan in front of traffic".... DO NOT be surprised.

    You heard it hear first.... DO NOT be shocked.
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  • Re: The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Finals (The 2013 NBA Champs The Miami Heat)

    yroholla wrote: »
    woah316 wrote: »
    yroholla wrote: »
    Damn b ball season over*

    Holla I'm calling you out.... Your heat won, good for you.

    But explain to me why Pop pulled Danny Green after he hit his first shot, when he was struggling miserably all game.

    All I want is an explanation better than the most obvious one (point shaving).

    Not sure to be honest...Pop just seems like a maverick....not the most conventional....he always pulled some funny shit. Even in the reg season when he sat all the stars for the Heat game and just resting his stars overall when ppl thought they should be out there....he seems to be such a stand up dude I wouldn't accuse him of point shaving

    I hear you... But you have to Admit... What Pop did with Green was:

    the equivalent of a wide receiver dropping 5 passes in a row in the Super Bowl, obviously hurting the team, but the coach just won't take him out... He just wont...

    Then as SOON as he makes his first 20 yard grab, the coach yanks him...

    Do you see why this is horse shit? This isn't even being a Maverick... Like I said, it is what it is... I'd just be lying if I didn't point it out.

    Pop Made the shit too obvious for me.
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  • Re: The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Finals (The 2013 NBA Champs The Miami Heat)

    Battier deserves more credit than Lebron tbh. He hit a lot of clutch buckets after only shooting 30% from 3 in the series.

    I don't like Lebron... But he deserves credit... I just don't like when he gets UNDESERVED credit... Definitely deserves credit tonight.

    Pop was still the biggest reason the Heat won the series though. Him and Ginobli off to count that 50 million the Mob will be splitting with them.
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