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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    If u don't like KD or love LeBron or both u will never let KD live for his decision. All I hear is how many stars KD playing with to spite him. Just find it funny when Dirk had to take out Bron, Wade, n Bosh none of the Bron fans cared it was 1 star vs 3. If KD stays in OKC (most critics were ok with this)and beats the warriors this year no Bron fan cares it's 2 stars in okc vs 3 in Cleveland in the finals.

    To me it looks like KD one upped bron and has 3 other stars to Brons 2 now ppl wanna cry foul. Foh. The best player in the world had 2 other stars on his team since 2010 n we throwing shade at kd for taking matters into his own fans smh. For the record I'm a Miami fan so I couldn't hate on bron decision even if i wanted to so I let KD rock too it's fair but some of y'all Bron fans biased as fuck lol.
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    yroholla wrote: »
    It's amazing cause if we talking skill for skill as just a bball player leaving out accolades all the reasons u can say bron > kobe can technically be used when comparing bron vs jordan. Yet nobody will say bron is better than Jordan but many will say bron is better than kobe. I wonder why the criteria changes

    Old niggas in their feelings as usual. Its a generational thing just like when lebron retires, there will be someone else who will inevitably be in the discussion

    It's weird tho cause when u look at it another way, skill for skill whatever Jordan has over bron, kobe has over bron too yet nobody has bron over Jordan yet many have bron over kobe. I'm just confused lol. There's no set criteria it's really just a lot of bias when u get to the bottom of it.
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    Great gesture by the NBA for Sager Foundation salute to those guys
  • Re: Is Kobe Bryant Top 5 All Time? (List ur top 5)

    Unless u like 60+ years old i dont see how anybody can talk wilt, kareem, bill Russell etc. Foh. Niggas cant even break down their games u basically gotta go off stats to show them love honestly. Not taking away from what they did but lets keep it a buck.

    Out of cats i actually had the opportunity to watch kobe is easily top 5. Only issue i ever had with him is he allowed himself to be walking target unnecessarily on and off the court and somethings will stick forever. But on a pure basketball level hes in my top 5
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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    Niggas more hyped about the storyline of okc vs warriors than the actual matchups. Okc might give them a run if warriors dont gel right away but if warriors clicking then okc gettin blown out
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