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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    If u don't like KD or love LeBron or both u will never let KD live for his decision. All I hear is how many stars KD playing with to spite him. Just find it funny when Dirk had to take out Bron, Wade, n Bosh none of the Bron fans cared it was 1 star vs 3. If KD stays in OKC (most critics were ok with this)and beats the warriors this year no Bron fan cares it's 2 stars in okc vs 3 in Cleveland in the finals.

    To me it looks like KD one upped bron and has 3 other stars to Brons 2 now ppl wanna cry foul. Foh. The best player in the world had 2 other stars on his team since 2010 n we throwing shade at kd for taking matters into his own fans smh. For the record I'm a Miami fan so I couldn't hate on bron decision even if i wanted to so I let KD rock too it's fair but some of y'all Bron fans biased as fuck lol.
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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    "Russ is Okc's best player, hes the alpha, Kd is the beta!"

    "Kd needs Russ, hes too soft!"

    "Warriors are overrated! They not better than *insert various old school team*!"

    "The league is soft thats why the Warriors are successful!"

    "Warriors bout to lose to San Antonio/OKC/Clippers if they meet in the playoffs!"

    Warriors lose : " See i told you they overrated!! This proves their first ring was a fluke!!"

    *Kd signs with Golden State*

    Same niggas :"Thats not fair!!!"

    Lmao. Foh
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  • Re: Who is the Best Player in the NBA?

    Niggas still arguing anybody but Curry? Lol
  • Re: Better Rapper Vol. 120: Joe Budden vs Eminem

    I swear if niggas had a poll Eminem vs MC Hammer some niggas would vote for Hammer
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  • Re: Scarface - Tony vs Manolo Right or Wrong

    So we gonna act like Tony didnt warn Manolo not to fuck with Gina before they got married tho?? We can argue all day that Tony shouldnt have killed Manolo, but of all people Manolo knew how crazy Tony was, and he still went ahead and forged a relationship with his sister when Tony had already voiced his displeasure with the thought of them hooking up earlier in the how can we not blame Manolo more than Tony?