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Gettin jacked for your gaming system................by your family??

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Peep the story:

My cousin is married to a guy name Jeff. Jeff and my cousin have a nice 3 bedroom house. My cousins family bumrushes their house and basically make it seem like they can't go back home (the live in another state, up north, where Obama's from). So first, my cousin's sister moves down and stays in their guest bedroom. That was a year ago, this year her mom comes and "visits" with them. Then, this past month, my cousin brings his wife and 4 kids down to their home for a "temporary" stay.

Her brother (the one with the wife and 4 kids) and his mom come up with the idea of him leaving his family behind so he can go back to said state to pursue his "rap career" (rolling eyes). So my cousin and Jeff having the huge heart that they have, agree to let 7 other people stay at their house. Her brother was leaving to go back to said state and Jeff filled his car up with gas, gave him some money to eat and check his tires for him and he was off...

Jeff calls her brother later on to see if he was aight and etc. He told him he was fine and how Jeff was like a brother to him and how he appreciated all he was doing for him and etc... Then this FOOL decided to tell Jeff "Oh yeah, by the way, I took your XBOX, all your games (dude had about 10-12, and your controllers......mind you, all of this stuff was hooked up to the tv and etc, but ole boy took it upon himself to unhook everything, pack it in the car and roll out.. Jeff was like "WTF??"

OH and I'm leaving out the best part, when Jeff asked him why he did that, this fool said "Ole habits are hard to break"....

*sidenote*- this same "brother" stole a pair of Jordan's from my brother 10 years ago...

Man, family... U can't even trust family these days...

I wish he would step foot in my house and steal my gaming system after I took his broke down family into my house... I think I'd 🤬 that fool!