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Job Hunting Tips

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I made this into a PDF as well.


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Job Hunting

There are very basic and useful tips for searching for, landing and holding on to a job. These scans were taken from Job Choices 2010: For Business & Liberal Arts Students. This is a free magazine you should be able to find at your local high school or college career center. If your school doesn’t currently have a subscription to this publication, recommend that they do ASAP. This magazine is released in three flavors each year; Business & Liberal Arts, Diversity Edition, and Science, Engineering, & Technology Students.

Article I. Resume
Article II. Looking for a Job
Section 2.01 What to Expect
Section 2.02 Emerging Industries
Section 2.03 Career Fairs
Section 2.04 Networking
Article III. Cover Letter
Article IV. Proper Attire
Article V. Interview
Article VI. The First Year
Section 6.01 e-Etiquette
Section 6.02 First Year Stand Out Tips