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Before we start claiming some one fell off shouldn't it be at least a 2 album minimum

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Everyone will have a sub par album from time to time in there career so why are we so quick to jump on any rapper and say he fell off when one album isn't as good as his previous, i could see if it was back to back albums being garbage then yea he/she lost it but when it's one sub-par album that comes after a couple of great or good albums i don't get the logic.


  • Hatter
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    that logic doesnt work for me, because if someone drops 1 classic album or dope album, and then drops a bunch of 🤬 features, singles, or mixtapes, but never realeases a sophmore joint id still say they fell off

    same with a person that has a heavy buzz on the mixtape scene by droping a classic tape or single, but never follows up with a actual album
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    I think it should take more than someone not liking 2-3 songs in a row from an artist, especially when they have 100's or even thousands in their career to choose from...