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Fo real,how is it possible for Jay Not to write his tracks

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I been hearin Jay thinks up a few bars and just goes in or knows what he gonna spit and one takes it.Even heard in another thread the last verse he wrote was the second verse on Can I live.How is this possible with all his wordplay and double entendres he puts into his tracks and his consistancey since 96.With rappers like Wayne I can easily believe but the blueprint?songs like meet the parents.Jay my favourite rapper but sometimes think this got to be a myth.If it is true he in a whole other league of his own


  • soul rattler
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    He does write sometimes, but other times he records bits of his verses on his laptob, and other times he'll just keep repeating his thoughts until he has it memorized. It's nothing extraordinary really.
  • choppa_style
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    I thought he wrote his earlier stuff including RD?

    I dunno, but I assume it's like improvising on an instrument. Once you got the flow you just go off with the lyrics.
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    You ever notice how you can hear a song you heard 5 years ago & somehow.....when the verse starts, you know every lyric, every word, etc. Even if you barely tried to remember it back then. Wild huh?

    Same deal. You repeat something enough, it gets branded in your skull. Only difference is, Jay works that skill ALLOOOOTTTTTT more than we do.