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The Official "_____ before Detox drops" Thread

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I am not convinced Detox will drop this year. Actually, I'm not convinced Detox will drop at all. It feels like hiphop's bigfoot or lochness monster. Possibly the biggest myth rap has ever seen.
Lets have fun wit some predictions...things that will occur before Detox will see the light of day...

Ill start things off.....

Lil Wayne will drop the Carter 10 before Detox drops

Drake will man up and say 🤬 🤬 before Detox drops

Dr. Dre will star in "The Hulk" before Detox drops

Fabulous will get his teeth fixed before Detox drops

The Game will release an album with 0 name drops before detox drops

Joe Buddens will go platinum before Detox drops