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Produce a 15-minute Orgasm on a female

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To all the lurkers who just read my thread with no reply...this is for ya'll

I just finished reading the Four Hour Body ( really good book by the way)

And hey had 2 intresting chapters on producing an qrgasm on a woman within 15 minutes

In short, picture a woman standing right in front of you, look down and picture an analog clock on her 🤬 (seriously)

Some guys move back in forth hitting the womans 12o'clock on the 🤬 .....what they tell you is to focuse on hitting her 1 o'clock.

The 1'o clock part is the exact stimilant where the woman will fill satisfaction.

And if ya'll still don't understand then go read the damn book for further details....they also show pictures of postions to hit the 1 o'clock spot better.

by the way........MAN 🤬 JAY CUTLER!!! lol


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