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Supplement experience

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Summer is right around the corner and its time to put on 10 pounds of muscle (🤬 maybe 15)

Was wondering if any of you have any posiive supplement stories. I'd rather not buy something useless because some buff ass dude is on the bottle.

I'll definately be grabbing some whey/casein protein powder and probably some NO2 tab(i watched my big cuz get results with this) anything else you would recommend or ward against using?

Share some details.
Imo there should be a supplements thread with personal input from users.


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    Just know everythig you buy over the conter passes through your liver 3 times. I had good results with the Animal Cuts but my 2nd cycle was wack. But unlike you my thing has always been to cut. Also B the main thing aside from taking suppliments is consistency in your work out.
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    The Get Big Drink:

    2 quarts of milk
    2 scoops of protein powder
    2 cups of skim milk powder
    2 eggs
    4 tablespoons of peanut butter
    1/2 brick of chocolate ice cream
    1 banana
    4 tablespoons of malted milk powder
    6 tablespoons of cor syrup
    Calories:3000 Protein:200

    This makes 10 glasses, so you make it in the morning and drink it throughtout the day in addiion to breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Drink it everyday...got this from my Complete Keys to Progress book. The oldtimers 🤬 this daily to pack on mass FAST.....you can expect to gain at least 5 pounds in one week if u do this everyday.
    If you did this for two months straight the least you would gain is 40 pounds....and cut up 20 outta that 40 and you will look massive.
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