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Through the Wire Instrumental Album Inspired by HBO's The Wire

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What's good? My name is Kil and I'm a producer outta Philly and last year had a placement on MOP's last album "Foundation" for a track called "Rude 🤬 and last year, I also produced an album for my man Vegas called "The Grey Area". (Vegasworldinc.bandcamp.com)

"Through the Wire is an instrumental album I've been working on for a minute unofficially and finally decided to finish it up and put it out. It's the perfect marriage between two of my loves, making beats and the HBO television series The Wire. I've been addicted to the Wire since it first dropped in 2002 and have been using samples from the show to match the mood of my beats since day one. Over the years I've made a rack of beats like this, and decided to put this project together for all the Wire heads out there. If you mess with the Wire and dope beats, this album is right up your alley.

Also I include 6 tracks from 6 mc's I'm producing for right now at the end to help promote them all because they all have projects coming out this year. I've got my PNC Vegas' "You're All Welcome" which is the follow up to last year's "The Grey Area". My man E.S. form BK's "Hustler's Prayer". We've got Lunchboxx's (Washington DC) "The Discipline" and Philly's Finest Driz Lo's debut album "The Missing Element". We also got Khalim aka K Fanat's (former Hydra Records signee with NYC bangers like "Zoo York", "Blowing Up Spots" and "My Style) debut album as well as VI Ghetto Kings' (Fanat with his brothers Sha-1 and Rahim) debut album. So when you get a chance check out the album and let me know what cats think. Good looking!

Download "Through the Wire" for free @: Kil889.bandcamp.com

And here's a link to one of the videos from the project for "Rules of the Game (Omar's Coming)": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPKrtk9VFCQ

Also, to help promote the album, everyday on my blog willmakebeatsforfood.com I'll be posting some of my fav Wire quotes (not any of the 200 that were floating around a minute ago) over my beats, so come through and check 'em out...
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