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"I only date boys with skinny jeans, lip piercings, and frohawks"

truth spittertruth spitter Posts: 3,845 ✭✭✭
edited February 2011 in The Powder Room
I was spitting game at this chick while she was waiting for the bus to take her to school this morning right. She dropped her backpack and I came in like a knight in shining armor like "Let me get that chica" (she mexican, like a young Salma Hayek). So I was like "Let me get ur numbers so we can talk later tonight" and she said "Sorry I like boys with skinny jeans, ur jeans are too loose"..I told her I got skinny jeans at the crib but she was like "But ur haircut is too low, I like guys with frohawks and u only have piercings in your ear, I like nose and lip piercings" I'm like "damn who do u date, Lenny Kravitz?" Then her bus came and she was like Adios.

I told this story cause it really got me thinkin. The females of this age are into guys that dress very feminine. Now the 1980s was pretty feminine too, I see pics and footage and dudes was rockin tight ass clothes as well but the whole atmosphere today seems more feminized. Do the women of the IC like guys who are metrosexual? Or do yall like real masculine guys who throw on a white T, blue jeans, and some timbs and call it a day?


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