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Muscle has memory...right?? How long did it take you to come back?

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Long story short, been unemployed several months, couldn't afford a gym membership for a while. Though, I stayed in shape as best as I could by running, doing variations on all types of calisthenics,I could run 13 miles, busted out 100 or so pushups, could do about 30 pullups (keep in mind I'm barely 160lbs tho), I actually thought from that small sampling of numbers I had surpassed my past fitness levels. WRONG!!!

Beginning of January get a gym membership, can't do 🤬 !!! I keep my workout journals and there was a time about a year and a half ago I was repping 185lbs about 15-16 times. I get to the gym now, I'm down to 185x7! I used to did, lol, 50 lb hammer curls each arm, now my left arm could still do the 20 reps or so, but in my right I only had enough strength to lift it twice. My one rep at one time was 280+ lbs on bench, now im scared to even calculate it, let alone lift it.

This was at the beginning of january however, my bench has improved slightly to 185x10, and I think my right arm (which has always been weaker) has reasonably caught up in strength. I guess I SHOULD be encouraged about that, but before I was out of it, I had been tryna 🤬 the 300 club forever, so I'm even more impatient knowing I've got to regain everything I've lost, before I can even make strides at my bigger goals.

But has anyone else, gone through a...sabatical, lol, at the gym? And how long did it take to come back? This has been my longest, I've had others due to injury or whatever, but none this long, and I came back from those seemingly overnight.
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