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V-Day 2010: Planetill Love Music…And Your Dedications

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V-Day 2010: Planetill Love Music…And Your Dedications


By Odeisel

I won’t bore you with the meaning of Valentine’s Day, because it means different things to different people. Some grumble because they don’t have anyone. Some chafe because they don’t appreciate being hustled for flowers and candy when they just paid the bills. Dentists love it because they’ll be seeing you soon. Hallmark and anyone that delivers flowers do backflips and deliver a Cam’ronian “We getting’ money n***aaaaaaa!”

But let’s assume that commercialism aside, the true meaning is attached to love. How that sentiment is delivered is very important. No one would eat filet mignon from a garbage can lid. Songs and their sentiments are extremely powerful in conveying emotions that would have you tear up if you tried to convey it yourselves, and unless someone is dead or we win the championship, no one wants to see you cry.

So I asked my Planet Illians what their favorite love songs were just to break up the monotony of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here are their picks. For the next few hours, if you hit me up on twitter at http://twitter.com/odeisel I’ll add your love song and your twitter dedication to your boo. Enjoy your day and stick around as we have a few more features today. Peace

Come visit us at Planet Ill to read the rest: http://planetill.com/2010/02/v-day-2010-planetill-love-music-and-your-dedications/#more-6224
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